Saturday, July 31, 2010

Close Your Eyes and...

...imagine you are sitting in your warm house by the fire (if you have a fire place or stove, of course). It's wet and cold outside.  You know the stores are swarming with holiday shoppers in a hurry.  Those shops are crowded, the lines are long and parking spaces are tough to come by.  Not to worry.  You're snug at home, doing some of your Christmas shopping online with the Amazon gift cards you earned through swag bucks.

You can't help it, but you feel a little sorry for all those holiday shoppers.  Some of them are your family and friends.  Now imagine them home, snug and warm, doing their holiday shopping on line.  They'll be smiling, too, and so glad you told them about swag bucks back in those warm, summer months.

Now, open your eyes.  Oh, wait.  I guess they've been open all along if you've been reading this.  Carry on.

This past week, I hit $200 in Amazon gift cards earned through searching swag bucks.  The quickest way to earn is by sharing swag bucks with others.  When you tell your friends about swag bucks, you (not me) will earn the swag bucks they earn, making your bucks grow even faster.  I'll just be happy for you, imagining you snug in your warm house come November.

For all the basics you need to know about swag bucks (including how others can sign up with you), go here.

If you're ready to sign up yourself, go here and start earning swag bucks today:-).

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  1. Swagbucks rule! I'll be cashing in another $25 in Amazon gift cards this week! I think my old goal was to hit $200 in gift cards by Christmas... but now I'm aiming for $400... I think it's totally possible and can't wait to do ALL my shopping on line this year... Well... except for all the FREE toiletries I'll be giving away as well. Merry Christmas in July Thyhand :)

  2. And here I was, all happy at having $25 so far . . . but then, I haven't gotten anyone to sign up under my name, so I'm only going by my own searches and the occasional special offer or code. And hey - $25 for doing what I do anyway is still $25 I didn't have otherwise!! :-)


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