Friday, May 7, 2010

The Winner! And a Couple Announcements

The winner of Danielle's sweet pillow, entitled Summer Crow is...


Congratulations, cjs !!!  Please email me your address ( so I can get it to Danielle so you can get your pillow.

You all had a chance to choose your favorite from Danielle's Sew Sweet Fabric Confections' Etsy shop and now it's my turn.  First of all, I am SO in love with sheep right now.  It may be in part due to the fact that my grandparents had sheep.  Or maybe because the other night a group of us were at a friend's house sitting outside and right behind her house was a flock of sheep grazing and when one of the baby lambs (yes, I know, lambs are babies) started baaing and looking for his mommy, my milk let down.  I just love sheep right now, okay?  And these pillows are darling.

I also love these little bunnies.  This is the baby girl version.  She also has a baby boy version here.  They are sew sweet (get it?) and would be a perfect baby gift.  Perfect.

Thanks, again, Danielle, for the giveaway.  I am so glad to know you!

P.S.  I usually don't post on the weekends (or post twice in one day- what's happening to me?!), but I will have a special Mother's Day message on Sunday.  Mom, wink wink.  Come back Sunday.

P.P.S.  Next week's posts are going to ALL be about food.  Every single one.  Five new recipes and a food first for me.  Have a great weekend!! Pin It

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