Friday, May 7, 2010

A Math Problem That Can Make Me Nervous

One summer, two years ago, of overzealous canning and freezing due to the possibility of a baby coming the following summer 
Last summer where there was a lot less canning and freezing due to a bit of a surplus from the previous year and caring for a newborn 
One very depleted pantry and freezer right now.

Our supplies are low, folks.

Now, before I go on, please don't worry that we may actually go hungry.  Because we won't.  We do have some funds and there is always the farmer's market.  That said, I don't like the feeling that maybe I didn't plan well enough.  I mean, hey.  If it cuts close, one could say I'm a pretty good planner, but this is a little to close for comfort.

We have three jars of jam left.  That's it.

There is no more corn.  No more peas.  No more green beans.  No more broccoli.  No carrots.

There is one can of peaches left and two bags of frozen chopped peaches.

One pint of salsa.

Our tomato sauce is low.

We have PLENTY of pickled beets, a few quarts of blueberries, some roasted tomatoes, chopped frozen peppers, some sweet potatoes and a few chickens.

GO TO THE STORE!  Is that what you're screaming into your computer screen?  I wouldn't blame you, actually.  But if you are screaming that it may indicate that 1) you don't know me very well yet and 2) you may have a bit of an anger management problem.  I'm just saying.

I'm going to offer up another math problem now.

One very depleted pantry and freezer right now

Hope and Thanksgiving

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ."  2 Thessalonians 5:16-18
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  1. As soon as I started reading this I thought to myself, "They can always have pickled beets!"

  2. We're low too. We've been blessed with food gifts from family but we're nearly out of tomatoes (I just frozen crushed tomatoes last year). We are out of spaghetti sauce.

    I have 2 bags of green beans left, 1 bag of green peppers, blackberries and strawberries. No more freezer jam. :(

    I did the same thing last year, took it easy because of a lot the year before. then this winter, we needed it. So, this summer, despite a smaller garden because we're moving in the early fall, I plan to put up ALOT more. My family's garden will provide all that we need!

  3. I can understand how the depleted reserves would make you nervous. But you all have so much growing now. You will be so busy come harvest time. I hope there will be a pic of Miriam on your hip as you are working and canning this year. If only for her to see when she is grown.

    Psalm 55:22 is on a little card next to my bathroom sink. It is a good reminder that I see several times a day.

  4. First, I started to feel panic-y for you- my stomach even started to growl in sympathy! But then... You're right, Paul was right and God is good!

  5. Last night at dinner Monkey Boy asked..."Do we have anymore corn?" "Nope"... "Are you SERIOUS? NO MORE CORN?"... Holy Cow it was funny... We are out of corn, beans, peas, blueberries and dried apples... but have plenty of tomato sauce and jam... It seems like every year we/you will be low on one thing and swimming in another...

    The question I think is so terribly interesting is... What if there WERE NO STORES... then what? We'd have to start eating the grass and bark...and tulip bulbs...

    It makes me want to hoard food like a squirrel.

  6. Such an inspiration...I can't wait to have a bigger garden. Although, I got a little discouraged this year as NONE of my seeds sprouted! I planted cucumber, zucchini, and sunflowers (for the chickens) and nothing came up. I think the ground may have been too wet...then with a lot of rain to follow...I think they rotted. Lesson learned. I need to get out there and plant again...I think we're safe now.

    I'm still laughing at the anger management are so funny.

  7. You are amazing. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Wow, your garden looks great! I guess it's because you're about 3 hours farther south. The plants are much more mature than ours.

    Sometimes it feels good to get to the bottom. Than everything will be fresh the next year. I too often over do it and have a surplus. On the other hand it's nice to be able to give some to my grown kids who are either single or moving around due to career changes. With that in mind I guess I'll keep on "over preserving".

    Aunt V.

  9. I'm dreaming I'll have this math problem one day. Your family is such an inspiration. I bought my first ever veggie seeds last weekend! C'mon May 19th! (Our last frost date :-)

  10. I like your perspective a lot. I tend to swim in supplies - I bet this is a trust issue I could work on with God. . .
    Also, your kids are getting older and probably eating more - that could mean you would run short if you stick to the same plan. I'm saying that because I've noticed a difference with a preschooler and toddler this winter as opposed to a toddler and baby last year :)

  11. My first thought was, "When is her next course in preserving?"!!! My goal this year is to learn canning and preserving techniques. I'm gardening away in suburbia here, but nowhere near the glory you've been blessed with. So much provision to be thankful for!!!

  12. i just love that you share this with us. your blog is so inspiring!
    i wouldn't know where to begin growing a garden with my eentsy yard and 115 degree temps (for starters, i'm probably months late).
    your food must be simply delicious.

  13. donna rae, This year as I preserve, I will show you how I do it and add it to a separate preserving page for future reference. Stay tuned!!

  14. I got to find out how you get such a jump on your garden when you live where it's colder! Just exactly what is your gardening zone there? I'm suppose to be a 7 but it's a very short season here!

  15. Hi-just jumped over from Razor Family Farms-where I voted for your photo-not mine : ) Just wanted to say I enjoyed poking around your blog!

  16. Amy, We're in 7 as well. The difference could be elevation? Jamey determines dates to plant using the resources on our Vegetable Gardening 101 page. We always try to extend the lettuce/spinach seasons by planting early and using plastic over the arches to protect from frost so maybe that's why we're a bit ahead?

    tipper, Welcome! And how sweet of you:-).


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