Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Odds & Ends

Remember these Oatmeal Rolls?

We discovered a new favorite way to eat them.  Slice them in half, then toast them lightly (a toaster oven works great for this).  Spread a little bit (or a lot) of butter on the halves and then sprinkle the buttered sides with parmesan cheese.  Put them under the broiler until the butter and cheese are bubbly and lightly browned.  A large salad and two halves of these parmesan rolls is a delightful lunch indeed.


My sister gave us a waffle maker that she earned with points at her grocery store.  This coincided perfectly with some New York pure maple syrup that a friend traded us for eggs.  Guess what we've been eating a lot of?  Yep.  Waffles.  Did you ever try stirring some maple syrup into some crushed strawberries?  I think you should try it.  About 2 cups crushed strawberries to 1/4 cup maple syrup gives you enough topping for 8 waffles.


Remember my Grandma's Granola?  Well, ever since I first made it I have been scheming as to how I can incorporate some chocolate into it without adding sugar.  I think I figured it out.  Add 1/2 cup cocoa to the honey and mix it well before adding it in.  It's mild, but it is most definitely chocolate.  It even turns the leftover milk in your bowl to chocolatey.  And, strawberries on top?  Let's stop before I have to go out and get yet another bowl. 

Granola ready for the oven.  Chocolate on the left, regular on the right.


My brother's sunflowers are up!  The first couple weeks after he planted were very dry around here, so the first planting is a bit spotty.  The second and third plantings have been getting adequate rain and it shows.  Jamey and my brother built a road side stand out of an old door that turned out great.  Keep your eye out for it along our road later this summer!!


Okay, I haven't done this before, but I can't help myself.  Have you seen these party flags?  Talk about ingenious.  Maybe folks have been making these for eons, I don't know, but I love the idea.  Forget disposable decorations, people.  These are just lovely.

Photo courtesy of Gigi's Joy


One more thing I have to share.  My baby now says "Uh-oh", "Mama", "aye-aye" (not as in pirate-speak, as in giving love) and "dat dat" (for what a duck says).  I couldn't not share.  I'm her mama.
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  1. I LOVE your baby's words. Hearing my babies say Uh Oh always made my heart melt. I miss that baby talk. Soak it up for me, please?

    Thanks for the link to the party flags, those are FUN!

  2. Baby talk is the BEST EVER, so sweet. Seth called pickles "pee-la". Ohh...I miss those sweet days.

  3. Hugs, and this looks so very good, thank you for sharing, do you have the wonderful recipe for these? Hugs Barbara

  4. Barbara, The links to the oatmeal rolls and granola are highlighted in red above (just click on them). The waffles are a standard recipe and I noted the strawberry/maple syrup topping recipe above:-).

  5. These are GREAT recipes. I am definitely going to give them a try!


  6. I am definetely going to try those rolls! If you want a good sandwich bread recipe, try Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, they have a YUMMY recipe!
    My mom made my daughter a banner for her 4th birthday, it's here http://mammabirdsnest.blogspot.com/2010/02/birthday-banner.html if you want to see it!
    We have suflowers coming up too! We planted them in a circle to make a little house for the girls. :)

  7. Oatmeal rolls!!! My Scottish husband practically worships oatmeal lol! I need to hit that link and learn how to make these beauties.

    We have that party flags over here in Britain. They call it "bunting" and I bought some for the nursery. Just haven't had a chance to hang it up yet. Too tired lol

  8. Love those party flags - I'll have to make some for our next party this summer - Teresa turns 5 (!) it is amazing how quickly time rushes past, isn't it? I've been trying to go more "green" of late - made some cloth napkins, the vermicomposter, etc. I like the idea of reusable, PRETTY, cloth decorations for our parties!! And I may have to try out those oatmeal rolls. I love all things bread-related. Bad for my waistline, but . . .


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