Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Baked Oatmeal Reminder

It snowed all day yesterday and that snow is keeping us from getting to church this morning. The end of breakfast left me with an empty pan. Again. In a routine I find myself in twice a week, I pulled down bowl and ingredients and began mixing up the next batch of baked oatmeal.

As I was doing so, it occurred to me that a year and a half ago I posted our Backed Oatmeal recipe, but that since then, since it has truly become our morning staple- none of us getting tired of it after all this time (no matter what the season), we've adapted our recipe. The original recipe is fine if you're making this for your family occasionally or for special occasions, like when you have overnight guests. Our tweaked version is a healthier one that suits us better since we eat this day in and day out.

I went ahead and updated the post to include both the original and healthier version. Click here to check it out.

Also, if you are interested in checking out all the recipes I've posted here, visit our recipe indexes. This one is divided into the typical soups, main dishes and dessert categories and this index is organized by ingredient. "By ingredient" cooking suits us much better since we allow the ingredients we have to dictate what we make. (Both indexes can always be found along the right side of the page.)

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  1. I found this recipe - and your blog - via Mavis's blog last summer when I was searching for ways to use up eggs from our ducks and chickens.

    Our favorite baked oatmeal uses apples that we froze with sugar and cinnamon - so I reduce the sugar even more. We mix it up with overnight crockpot oatmeal using steel cut (Irish) oats.

  2. Stephanie, Glad you've found your way here and that you've found a way to tweak the recipe to your liking:-). I've never had a duck egg. Shame on me. How do they compare to chicken eggs?

  3. Well, hello there! Is that you on the right? Nice to see your face (although it took me a while to be comfortable posting my pic, too!).

    I've NEVER made a successful batch of oatmeal to date. And I'm a decent cook! Not sure why. My husband always has to make it which means he has to be home in the morning. He's tried to teach me to no avail. But, I might try your recipe and see if I do better.

  4. Thank you so much for the recipe index idea. I had stumbled onto yours a long time ago but had never taken the time to make my own. I did just that, last month. We'll see how it continues to grow.

    Thanks again, marvelous idea!


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