Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Overwhelmed I am, by all we have to be thankful for. I could start streaming off blessing after blessing, but I'll reserve those for my 1000 Gifts Journal. We just returned home from a 6-day trip of visiting family- both families. Yet another thing to be thankful for. Not only do we live within driving distance of our families, they live less than two hours apart from each other. This allows us to spend equal time between the two. We did not know this when we first laid eyes on each other many years ago at a college in another state.

A few glimpses of the Thanksgiving table....

What do I mostly talk about here? FOOD. My, you have been paying attention. So I must tell you what we had for our family's Thanksgiving Day meal...turkey (36 pounds of it), mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn souffle, broccoli casserole, cheesy carrots, cranberry jello salad, oatmeal rolls (with butter and jam), pickled beets, chow chow and applesauce. And I may very well be forgetting something. Then, a couple hours later, came dessert...pecan pie, ground cherry pie, traditional pumpkin pie, pumpkin-caramel-pecan pie (not it's real name), chocolate swirl cake, fruit salad and, I'm guessing, five different flavors of ice cream.

Hibernation was really in order. But, alas, no. There was much too much visiting, holding each others' children, looking at photo books, playing spy with boy cousins, swinging, playing soccer until dark, spotting her very first tooth poking through, pulling that baby into our bed because a pack 'n play is just not the same and making the drive home to hang stockings and put candles in the windows.

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  1. I'm stuffed just reading that list of food! I'm glad you're writing again---I missed you.

  2. WOW! What a feast! It sounds so yummy...and corn souffle? That sounds really good...

    Congrats to baby girl's first tooth...so sweet.

  3. God is good- His blessings are never ending. What a beautiful LARGE table for Thanksgiving! How wonderful! Those beets & pickle tray-- oooh! And 36lbs of Turkey! And the goodies warming in the oven! So glad it was a wonderful time- Laura

  4. A 36lb Turkey? Holy Crackers! And... I love that everyone sat at 1 table...there is nothing worse than being in your 30's and having to sit at the "kids table" :)

  5. Looks wonderful, we are sorry we missed it! Can't wait to see everyone over Christmas!

  6. Cheesy carrots? I'm intrigued--because I don't like cooked carrots. But maybe I would if they were smothered in cheese? Do you happen to have a recipe for this dish? :)

  7. Green Home, check with my little sister. I think she has the recipe:-).


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