Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Kids' Favorite Toys

Months ago, I started taking pictures of the toys our kids spend the most time with. I wanted to record this in some way so I can tell them (and show them) in years to come. Then, I started Christmas shopping (I'm done, by the way- the earliest in my life) and wondered if other people might like to see what our kids like in order to get ideas for the little people in their lives. In the meantime, I started seeing other bloggers do this and because I so enjoyed reading their posts, it sealed the deal and here we are. In no particular order...

Loving Family Figures. We do not have the dollhouse or many accessories, but we do have many members of this family. Sadie plays with these people in her log doll house (a kit put together by her daddy and brother) and just about anywhere else. Here is the daddy, the sister and the baby taking a ride in the Santa Maria.

Sadie also adores her Animals. For the past six month, these have been her go-to toys. We have all manner of plastic animal figurines including dinosaurs, reptiles, farm animals, etc. She spends hours with these, acting things out, naming them, over-seeing their conversations. Oh, by the way, if she has them set-up, don't mess with them. Just ask Sam. You can find these animals at many specialty toy stores and there is also a small section at Target.

Sam isn't so consistent when it comes to his interests. He plays with a particular toy for several days, then abandons it for another. Eventually, he cycles back around. Here is Sam's Erector set. It's an original that was gifted to Sam by my grandparents. It had once belonged to their children.

Here is Sam posing with his cranes. 'Cranes' was a theme this particular week. Here, he is showing us his Erector set crane and his Tinker Toy crane (Tinker toys being another favorite of his).

The next one is a new find for us. They are called Magic Nuudles and they are biodegradable building blocks. We spotted them at our local teacher's store. Sam purchased a bag of them for $4.29. If they look like packing peanuts, it's because that's what there are- the biodegradable kind made of cornstarch. Just moisten the peanut with water and stick them together- that's it. No glue. They adhere to paper, glass and skin. When you're done with them, just throw them into the sink and run water over them- they dissolve and disappear. Since discovering these, we've also played with regular biodegradable packing peanuts and they work in this way, too. The possibilities are endless (and cheap), folks.

Ah, yes. Legos. I must mention these because they are a true favorite of Sam's and Sadie enjoys them as well. Sadie mostly builds towers and likes to ask Sam or Jamey to build her something similar to whatever Sam is building at the time. Sam is quite the little lego master, taking apart and rebuilding over and over per the directions. These directions come as easy to him as reading a recipe does to me. Give me lego directions and, well, I have to sit down, have complete silence and think on it for awhile.

Another very popular toy at our house are Klutz Building Cards. None of our sets were put together at the time of this post, but these regularly appear spread across our play room floor. Here is a stock photo of the pirate ship. There are four different sets (pirate ship, space ship, castle and something Harry Potter-related). We have all but the Harry Potter set. Each set comes with directions to build numerous things and a little action figure. The cardboard-like pieces fit together using slits, so they can be put together and taken apart over and over again.

So, there you have it. A few of our kids' current favorites. Maybe some of them will become favorites to your family as well. Pin It


  1. Sam is a little engineer! He's so much like Ian, my 11 year old. Ian loves Legos STILL. And always has. And now that he's older...he's upped the ante and is building skateboards and go-karts! Just a little glimpse into your future!

    And I love the family in the Santa Maria...that is exactly how I pictured it from the history books!

  2. I have been meaning to tell you that I took Isis to the store recently to pick out a toy. Well, she chose the Loving Family van and I have a feeling it's because Sadie has the same one :)


  3. What a great feeling it is to have all your shopping done :) My daughter likes to make all her gifts.. One year when she was about Sams age she made soap for everyone (melted glycerin blocks from Michaels craft store and small plastic creatures). The soap turned out really cute and they made a few extra for themselves. The fun part is having to wash your hands over and over again until the creature pops out... it makes for a nice afternoon craft project :) Here's a link I found.

  4. I LOVE LEGOS! so much. my sister and i spent hours upon hours with them. also, fisher price "little people". endless hours of enjoyment. :)

  5. Your kids are adorable, I could eat them up!! I love the dino's in with the cows, and you have quite an imaginative builder on your hands. Great post!

  6. this isnt really related to the above post, but Gen, I just wanted to let you know that a Good friend of mine (also happens to be going to S Korea with Bess) has been following your blog for quite sometime, and was pretty excited about all the recipes of yours shes been using. She flipped when she heard we were cousins. thought you were some big celebrity or something :P

    still she used one of your recipes to convince your family that sweet potatos are delicious, so thats worth something!

  7. What a super helpful post. Jack saw the erector set/tinker toys picture and I think it sparked some interest. I've been really paring down the toys, just tired of the extraneous plastic pieces that I'm always stepping on. We've zoomed in on several games, puzzles, obvious diggers & Legos. I think tinker toys are what we're missing at this stage. (as tho we're really 'missing' anything....)
    This is the first year our family(one side) has agreed to limit gift exchange from the chaos it has been in the past. I am so relieved & grateful. I am looking forward to bringing out our nativitiy scene & looking at real reasons to celebrate than more stuff. We have a long way to go in our search for deliberate & thoughtful living, but I think we've passed a milestone with this issue contained to a reasonable level. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Laura

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