Monday, October 26, 2009

In This Together. Almost.

I'm in the post-baby stage where I am losing hair like crazy. Aside from the fact I'm a little afraid there will be no hair left on my head if it goes on much longer, I really dislike finding hair everywhere- even if it is mine.

I pick it off Miriam's clothes and sometimes off her face. I sweep it up into the dustpan. It's all over my pillow case, my towel, the shower, my clothes and worst of falls down the front and back of my shirt tickling me (in a very annoying, irritating way) until I can't stand it and I plunge my hand down the front or up the back of my shirt until I find it. It doesn't matter where we are so much, although I haven't done that at church yet.

I'm often pulling out the front of my shirt to see if I can spy the buggers. Jamey likes to ask me if they're still there, as if I'm worried I've lost my means to feed our baby.

Well, I've been feeling pretty irritated about all this until the other day. I was outside hanging up wash and I looked out into the chicken yard. I was feeling sorry for myself?

Standing there was one of the most pitiful hens I think I have ever saw.

While I was photographing her, I think I could hear her saying, "And you're worried about your hair? Buck-up woman. Look at me!" Especially next to her sister-hen who has not yet begun to molt, she looks terrible.

Molting is completely natural and thankfully, to her, probably not as devastating as it looks. She put me in my place, yes siree. I'll go about my business picking up my hairs from everywhere, but I won't feel quite so sorry for myself. Who would have thought it would be a hen who would help me put things into perspective? Pin It


  1. So funny, and so true. I always forget about moulting until it happens and they truly look ill (and I think it feels bad too: they're grumpy, shy, and it's got to be chilly). Losing hair post-baby is tough, but at least we don't look like THAT. :)

  2. This is our first year with chickens and I had no idea how terrible they were going to look when molting. We have a Lakenvelder that is the saddest looking thing.

  3. The baby hair loss will come to an end...and no was all the hair you didn't lose while you were expecting! :) I remember feeling the same way though...especially after our seemed to go on MUCH longer!! But, it did end, and I didn't go bald! :) Unfortunately I didn't have a chicken to put me in my place!

  4. thanks for the laugh!


  5. I completely understand about the hair down the front and back-so irritating!!


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