Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming to an End

The air is getting cooler. The leaves are drifting down. After weeks of little garden activity, there was one last big push to bring most things inside before frost.

Sweet potatoes and some of the carrots.


Butternut squash and a lone zucchini that was hiding in the back garden.

Some things will remain out for a bit longer. I've froze 5 gallon-bags of swiss chard so far. The rest will withstand light frost until I can chop and freeze more.

We are going to try to mulch most of our carrots and see if leaving them in the ground will be preserve them well. Our fall lettuce will stay in the garden under a dome of plastic. We are loving these last greens.

About half of our fall broccoli was brought in and froze. Our raspberries have finally slowed and stopped. The few pears that matured on our lone pear tree were discovered and eaten. A smattering of green tomatoes were hanging onto their plants still. They were brought in and are slowly ripening inside. Fifteen chickens will be harvested tomorrow. Last weekend, we traveled for applesauce making (part 2) with my family.

It's hard to believe another garden season is almost over. Where did this summer go? It seems just yesterday I was wondering what it would feel like to own my body again. Would we have a boy or a girl? Would I have enough time to put up enough food for the coming winter?

Thanks to an overly-zealous canning season last summer and having Jamey home this summer, I think we did just fine. My body isn't the same, but it's slowly getting stronger and resembling itself. That little baby is a girl- sweet, sweet as can be. Pantry and freezer are full. My joy overflows. Pin It


  1. Congratulations on such a bountiful harvest! You guys did an awesone job :)

  2. That's quite a haul. Your garden seems to have lasted longer. When did you get your first big freeze? Or have you? With out two big trips I never got a fall garden planted. I'm very sad about this. It makes me more determined for next year and hopefully an early jump on spring!

  3. Our first light frost was couple weeks ago, our first big one just last week. I highly recommend fall planting- especially of lettuces and spinach. Spring is a long way off!

  4. Wow, what an awesome lot you have there :)
    We have just begun to grow our first veggie patch. Its so exciting to see things growing day by day. It sure produces patience in us (and the kids!!). I am going to follow what you wrote about freezing broccoli as we have some of them growing! Thanks!

  5. What beautiful vegetables! Those will be nice to have through the winter.

  6. How do you grow sweet potatoes?! Up here in Northern Canada everyone calls Sweet Potatoes Yams. What's called a sweet potatoe here is NOT a sweet potatoe! Help! I have to grow my own!

  7. Lollie, I found this site and I think it might be helpful to you- it's about growing sweet potatoes in Northern New England. It's not northern Canada, but it may give you the info. you need. Best of luck!!:-)


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