Thursday, September 10, 2009

(Please Sit Down) Lemon Bars

I didn't ask you to sit because of the lemon bars, although it is easier to close your eyes and swoon with a mouthful of them if you're sitting down. The reason I asked you to sit is because I made something with lemons. And, we don't grow lemons. If you've read this, you know that we only cook with produce (vegetables and fruit) that either we've grown ourselves or that has been grown locally. So, lemons?

The lovely family that buy eggs from us gifted us 4 lemons the last time they came by. Do you know what I did after they left? I stared at those beautiful lemons. I held them in my hands and I smelled them. I love lemons.

Well, when someone gifts you lemons, you cannot say no. That would be rude and ungrateful. So, when someone gifts you lemons, you graciously accept them and after they've left, dance a jig in your kitchen.

Then reality set in. What recipe is worthy of my four precious lemons? I wanted something that was intensely flavored. None of this trying to make them go farther by using them sparingly in several different recipes. And, I knew I did not want something healthy like lemon chicken. No way. I wanted pungent lemon flavor. I wanted lemon bars.

I browsed a few of my favorite food sites and came across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. One look at her bars and I knew how I was going to use my lemons. And! A bonus was finding out from several other food sites that lemon bars freeze nicely. I was going to be able to enjoy these beauties over time. Perfect.

The bars are delicious. With all that buttery lemon goodness, how could they not be? Julie, did you have any idea what you are doing when you give me lemons? Thank you:-). Pin It


  1. Rejoicing with you over your lemons! It makes them so much sweeter that they are a rare treat for you.

  2. Yes, as soon as I saw the word "lemons," I did a double-take. You made good choices, too, to take them and say thank you, and to make lemon bars. I know what I'll give you for presents from now on...

  3. I love the things you do with your camera...lovely pics! I copied out the recipe you suggested for future use...yummy.

  4. I had no idea you could freeze lemon bars....hmmm...I may have to put "bag of lemons" on my Christmas List.

  5. Yummy. Would it be a problem for you to keep a couple of small lemon trees in the house? I know several people who do this and get a good number of lemons from them...

  6. Camille,
    Thanks for the kind photo feedback. I try to make do with the little point and shoot digital we have:-).

    I forgot to mention in this post that I am seriously considering asking for a lemon tree for Christmas or Mother's read my mind.

  7. I hoped you would share my deep appreciation and love for lemons - and it wasn't just a temporary nine month condition.

    I am tickled and delighted that they brought such succulence!

    I have a couple Meyer's Lemon Trees that live with me during the winter and summer out in the yard. They take a few years to mature. Lowes will special order them for you if you can get together an order of five or so people who want them.

    This made my evening!


  8. Can I take a little credit (or maybe just one delicious lemon bar) for putting the two of you in touch? Just kidding, of course! Those sound delicious!


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