Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pesto and Tomato Panini

One of our favorite sandwiches is a panini. One made with pesto, tomatoes (fresh or roasted, depending on the time of year) and mozzarella cheese. It's simple and oh, so very good. The last two bites of my sandwich (pictured below) does not show how golden brown and beautiful these sandwiches are- I got too hungry and pulled the sandwich from the pan a little early.

Pesto and Tomato Panini

a loaf of crusty bread, sour dough is best if you have some
1/2 cup pesto
2 vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced (or use whole roasted tomatoes)
mozzarella cheese

Slice bread 1/2 inch thick, two slices per sandwich. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Heat a fry pan or skillet to medium high heat. Spread pesto on the non-butter side of one of your bread slices and place butter-side down into your hot skillet. Lay 2-3 slices of tomato onto the bread, on top of the pesto. Sprinkle generously with mozzarella and top with the other slice, butter-side up this time. Repeat until you have as many panini as you like. Using some sort of a weight (I use a dinner plate-don't use plastic- placed on top on the panini with my jar of rice set on top), press the panini. Check the bottoms for color and and when you see a nice, golden brown color, flip the panini carefully. Press again and remove from the pan when both sides are golden brown and the cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy! Pin It


  1. I'm all over these flavor combinations! For breakfast this morning: a hunk of homemade sourdough baguette, butter, homemade mozzarella, and roasted tomatoes. Food doesn't get much better than that...

  2. I have a question....I am in need of a recipe to use up my cucumbers...beyond pickles and relish...the cucumber salad recipe you have posted is for fresh you happen to have one with exact measurements for canning? I looks good....and would be a welcome addition to my pantry this winter :)

  3. Mavis, I use the same ingredients for canning the cucumber salad as for making it fresh eating. I pack jars with raw cucumbers and onions. Then, I make up the dressing (or several times the dressing recipe depending on how much you want to can) and bring it to a boil. Pour the hot dressing into the jars, over the cucumbers and onions, seal and then I hot water bath the jars for about 20 minutes. That's it. Try a batch fresh for eating and if you like it, can away!

  4. Ummmm let's just say...this cucumber salad is the best thing ever.... Yep, enough said on that I'm moving on to green beans. I think I've canned just about all I can stand 40+ jars and now I'm going to start freezing them. I was looking up you bean casseroles are you using frozen beans in the recipes or canned? I must add that having a cookbook/recipe that talks back to you (me) is the greatest thing ever. :) Thanks for all your help, Mavis

  5. Mavis, For the 'A Different Green Bean Casserole' I use frozen beans and cook them in boiling water until ready-to-eat tender before draining them and then adding them to the sauce (and then baking). We only freeze green beans (versus canning them) and about 30 quarts seems to get us through to asparagus season. Happy freezing!! Oh, and I am so glad you like the cucumber salad:-).

  6. you've inspired me, been eating this the past two days. although i'm not using pesto, just fresh basil instead. also, we make something similar to this in the winter. basically a grilled cheese of mozz and pesto, but we also sprinkle parmesan on the bread and grill it.

  7. how clever! I press my grilled cheese sandwiches with the turner, but I like your idea with the plate/weight.
    And I see the cucumber salad discussion in the comments too - rats, that I missed that. Would love to be eating some of that cuke salad now. Hopefully next summer.


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