Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting. Over. Whelmed.

I wish I had more to share with you today than the fact that I am getting overwhelmed. Sorry. That's all I got today. I need to start tackling those things that overwhelm me- now. If I don't all you'll hear from me will be whining and crying and me pulling my hair out. You don't want that. I don't want that. Jamey, especially, does not want that.

So I am going to tell you what I wish I had time to post about (and hopefully will soon once I get a handle on things). I want to tell you about our first two weeks in cloth diapers with a two month old. I want to show you August garden pictures. I want to talk about our latest two batches of chicks. I want to tell you about our homeschool plans for the fall and show you pictures of our school room. I want to tell you about (and show pictures of) the peaches and nectarines that should be coming this week. I want to talk about tomatoes and tell you all the things you must do with your tomatoes. There is lots more, but my foggy mind is foggin-up my memory at the moment.

Instead of having the time to tell you about all those things, I must get to work. Jamey (my full time helper of the last couple months) is going back to school full-time in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!! Oh my Lord. Deeeeeeeep breath. I can do it. I know I can. I just can't think about it. So, in these two weeks, I need to get my homeschool act together for a second grader and a preschooler. We need to paint two outbuildings with primer, then paint. I need to deal with peaches and tomatoes. I need to exercise in order to hopefully shed a few more pounds before my sister's wedding. Wedding! I need to make another 70-80 jars of jam for favors (don't worry sweetie, this is a labor of love:-)). I need to take a load of stuff to consignment. I need to go somewhere to make copies. I need a haircut. I need to make another two big batches of zucchini bread and another batch of pesto. There are meals to make, laundry to be done, diapers to wash. Children to separate and re-direct and re-direct and re-direct again.

Then, there is the angel of a baby that needs nursing and changing and rocking and walking and smiling at and talking to and kissing and hugging and snuggling and...okay. She's really not a problem. We can leave her out of this. The little pumpkin. My little peach.

Ok, back to fussing. I won't bore you with any more details. I just wanted to say that over the next few days- maybe week- I need to focus. I'm not going anywhere. Just de-fogging. Wish me luck. Pin It


  1. Wishing you a day of focus and peace- I'm sure the school room looks great and that baby you're rocking and kissing is super sweet- enjoy.

  2. Good luck.....and can I come with you on your defogging adventure?

  3. Thanks. This is good to hear. Hope you don't mind me saying this, but misery loves company. Good luck and remember to breathe.

  4. I'm glad you are going to TELL us about the diapers and SHOW us the garden pictures and not the other way around! This is the season for busy-ness, but please take time to enjoy holding that little wee one--it goes by sooo fast, as you know!

  5. Just remember---lack of sleep and adjusting hormones do a lot of mischief. Things will settle soon and the fog will clear. Such a hard time. Good, but hard. Peace to you.


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