Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blueberry Crumb Bars

The fog is slowly lifting. There is less weight pressing down on my shoulders and I actually see the light at the end of my to do list. It's not that writing here takes up so much of my time. It just uses up some much need mental energy.

In the meantime, I had to share these bars with you. While I haven't been spending much time reading other blogs this week, I did come across this recipe over at Smitten Kitchen while I was hunting for something new to make for a small group shared meal. They are a snap to make and every bit as good as they look. (Note: I used half fresh and half frozen blueberries and they turned out just fine. I wouldn't be afraid to use all frozen, either.) Here are my pictures and here is the recipe.

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  1. They're beautiful to boot! Simple...that is my kind of baking...

  2. Good photos---the blue dish is perfect with the blue in the bars.

  3. I'm off to make these with some of the mountain blueberries we picked over the weekend.

    Aunt V.

  4. I did make these yesterday. Used 2c whole wheat pastry flour (cranked it through my hand grinder right before baking) and 1 c unbleached white flour. They are absolutely delicious! Oh, I also omited the lemon zest as I am not a fan of lemon zest with blueberry.

    Don't get confused if you happen to notice my name as a contributer of the Blueberry Coffee Cake in Simply in Season. I was the tester of that recipe, not the contributer. Don't know why I had to say all that except that that is where I discovered my dislike for lemon zest with blueberries.

    Aunt V


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