Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Next year we are not canning beets."

This is what I said to Jamey as we found ourselves halfway through canning 24 pints of pickled beets. If my memory serves me correctly (and I believe that it does) I told Jamey at our garden meeting (back in January) that I wanted very few, if any, beets. I like pickled beets. Don't get me wrong. I just didn't think we needed very many and was thinking ahead at all we'd having going on this summer (third child, in particular). But...

Jamey likes to plant things.

So, instead of 'very few', he pulled a bushel of beets yesterday. Here we are, surrounded by laundry, two children who have decided it's their life's purpose to pick on each other, a one month old who no longer likes sleeping during the day and umteen projects around the house we want to get done before Jamey goes back to school. And he brings in a bushel of beets. Not to mention the 10 pints left in the pantry from last year.

We canned those beets and I'm not really sure why. Maybe while Jamey has a compulsion to plant, I have one to can. I don't know. But, what I do know is that we are not canning beets next year. This time I mean it. Will you please help hold me to that? Pin It


  1. Yum...pickled beets are one of my most favorite foods ever. I've loved them since I was a little girl...my grandfather would take us to his favorite Italian restaurant and they served pickled beets on the salads as well as on the relish tray. I'd eat them ALL if they'd let me!

  2. I wish I could share some with you, Michelle!

  3. We could take some of those extra beets off your hands - I eat them by the jarful! I can't offer raw milk in a trade, but I could supply some Oil of Olay body wash...

  4. Farah, how many pints do you want? I'll bring them up next week:-}.

  5. just remember...it's okay to secretly throw things over the fence when Jamey isn't looking!

  6. Shannon never gets enough beets and would love to have more, I'm sure, if you have extra.

  7. Love it! I've planted beets for the first time with plans to pickle them. This is my second year canning--I'm destemming currants for jam as I read blogs. Have fun!

  8. Whatever you can spare. I picked up some olay yesterday!


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