Monday, July 13, 2009


You know you have wonderful neighbors when they...

~ feed your cat, water your plants and get your mail while you're away

~ check on and water your chickens if you are out of town

~ watch your children for you when you have doctor's appointments

~ give your children cookies every time they see them

~ share their concord grapes with you every September

~ warn you of strange dogs in the neighborhood

~ remember your children's birthdays and send them a card so they get mail

~ tolerate the occasional chicken that wanders into their yard

~ tolerate Marv's crowing every morning (and afternoon, and evening)

~ are willing to power wash a dirty portion of your house in exchange for baked goods

~ are willing to be on-call for child care if you go into labor

~ let you borrow tools and equipment

~ let your children ride bikes on their basketball court because you have no pavement at your house

and most of all when they...

~ rushed out of their homes and started searching the second they got word that we couldn't find Sadie.

Thank you, neighbors. You are more than neighbors. You are family.

We found Sadie (on our property) and she is fine. Pin It


  1. Yeah, as I was reading through the list I was thinking, "It sounds like you have grandparents living next door." Lucky you!

  2. Thanks to your neighbors too! Since we can't be close enough to help find Sadie, we're glad her neighbor-family can! We appreciate you!!


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