Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Important Reminder: Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I shared the recipe for this cake back in February when I made it for Sam and Sadie's birthdays. It tasted great and was a hit even though we were all eating ice cream cake in sweaters and socks (not just sweaters and socks, silly).

I wanted to remind you of this dessert while it's hot outside (and inside if your house is like ours). Ice cream is the sweet we should all be enjoying now, right?

Most of the recipes I share here are made from scratch because that is the way I prefer to cook and bake. This one is the complete opposite. Every ingredient is bought from a store. Not even one can be found at the farmer's market (at least not ours). It calls for 4 ingredients and takes minutes to assemble.

I'm also talking about it again because I made three of them for my sister's bridal shower this past weekend. I made one according to the original recipe I shared. I tried a different twist with the other two. Instead of caramel sundae topping and chopped peanut butter cups, I used chocolate sundae topping and crushed oreo cookies in one and strawberry sundae topping, sliced bananas and crushed oreos in the other.

There are endless possibilities here, friends. Let your hair down, toss it about and think up your own tasty version. Then invite some friends over (you really shouldn't eat this all yourself... even though you'll want to) and enjoy! Pin It


  1. Looks great. I want to eat at YOUR house. Everything you make looks so delicious... I had to laugh about the JUST sweaters and socks...kind of a funny visual!

  2. I saw this recipe in my file this morning and I paused to ponder it... Maybe some day in my near future. (Right now I'm eating gooey brownie mashed into vanilla ice cream.)

  3. I want that right now. We've been munching on, well, zucchini brownies. And yes they are tasty, but also have that healthy factor. Sometimes you just have to eat junk!

  4. I made this on Saturday night for my family to enjoy on Sunday. We were so excited that we ate a piece right after Sunday breakfast. It was soooooo good. I am making another to share at our family Easter dinner. I love your site and read it everyday. xo


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