Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Stands Still...Almost

What my mother says is true. When you have a baby, the world seems to stop. Well, at least in the mother's mind. I forget that people are going to work, heading off on summer vacations, doing all the things people do this time of year. I'm just consumed by this new life, whether she's getting enough milk, if she has a tummy ache or if she's just tired, how Sam and Sadie are handling things. My life is in my house, my little world.

Main Garden

But, life is moving on around me. While we were in the hospital, my mom and sister picked strawberries for the last couple times. Mom and Jamey have been picking and putting up peas (I've helped a bit with the shelling). We have stopped picking asparagus and now have to do our best to restrain ourselves and let them become tall, ferny fronds. The red raspberries are ripening and the kids have picked a few black raspberries. The lettuce has gone to seed as has the spinach. We've begun using swiss chard, carrots and onions in meals.

Back garden

Jamey built a gate and a permanent fence to keep the chickens where we want them to be. No more pussy-footin' around with temporary fences that those little stinkers can wiggle their way under. Our latest (4th this spring/summer) broody hen is still setting, due to hatch chicks in a week. Jamey has garden weeds under control. He made a bunk bed for the big kids.

Red Raspberries

My mom did an incredible job taking care of all of us. She was with us for a week and a half (We miss you, Mom!). In addition to making all our meals, she weeded all (yes, ALL) my many, many flower beds which hadn't had any attention since...hmmm...last summer? She did laundry, cleaned the house, washed windows, read countless books to the kids, changed many an itty-bitty diaper and even made up scavenger hunts for the kids.

Newest broody

Me...I'm still nursing and nursing and nursing, sometimes napping, gaining strength, easing back into chores and finally blogging some again. My world is slowly getting bigger... with an emphasis on slowly. Slowly feels just right. Pin It


  1. It's the best feeling ever to be resting and having your work get done for you. And it's an even better feeling to eventually (when ready, of course) start doing your work again yourself. Take it slow and easy. No rush. No rush at all. (Actually, could I borrow your baby for an afternoon so I could see what type of work magically get's done around MY place?)

  2. We do have a stinkin great mom don't we!! :)


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