Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's how Sadie says peas. She eats peas like they're candy. Whenever we're picking or shelling peas, she's right there, shelling them herself and then eating them directly out of the pod. We find it hard to believe she hasn't gotten sick from all the raw fiber she's been getting, but so far so good.

My mom and Sadie shelling peas

Peas are a lot of work for what you get. We have peas planted all the way along the perimeter of our garden fence. It's often discouraging when a bushel picked turns into just a bowl of shelled. Oh, but once they are boiled in some water with a pinch a salt, we remember why we work so hard at picking and shelling. They are fresh and delicious.

Those we don't eat go into the freezer. I haven't had to take care of the putting up of the peas yet this year. Between my mom and Jamey, they've been taking care of the peas thus far. I've been nursing and nursing and nursing and nursing. This child is hungry.

Freezing Peas

Shell peas. Rinse peas to remove any excess dirt/pod pieces. Plunge peas into boiling water for about 3 minutes. Remove and plunge directly into cold water to stop the cooking (I use a sink full of water and ice cubes). Once cooled, let them drain and come to room temperature. Store them in plastic bags (we use quart bags mostly) and freeze.

To use, simply place frozen peas into boiling water and cook as you would store bought peas, making sure to taste them as they cook to avoid over cooking them. Pin It


  1. I LOVE peas...but I didn't grow any. Mostly because of the space issue. Although, maybe I could interplant them here and there next spring. Realistically, I wouldn't need many as I'm the only one that loves them...but maybe my family would change their minds once they eat some FRESH.

  2. So what kind of peas did you plant?

  3. I just picked our peas for the third time this year. Will get one more picking on Monday. We planted "Frosty" Always have and always will. For our soil there is no other. I've picked about two 5 gallon buckets nearly full and have about 2 gallons of peas in the freezer besides the 2 qt we ate. If picking the peas wouldn't cause such marital strife we would definately plant a lot more.

    Aunt V

  4. JJ, Sorry it's taken me a bit to respond. We planted Wando Garden Peas and are pretty happy with them. They taste wonderful, but for a climbing pea, they didn't climb very well. We may try a different variety next year because of that.


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