Monday, May 25, 2009

The Strawberries Are Coming! The Strawberries Are Coming!

About a week ago, we started picking one, two, then three strawberries from our patch in the garden. On Friday, we had my brother and his wife (I love saying that) over for homemade ice cream and Sam came out of the garden with a strawberry for each of us to put on top.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I took a nap. Upstairs. In my bed. I hadn't slept well the night before. Contractions kept waking me up- not strong ones or regular ones, mind you. After I woke up I came downstairs and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Look what I found sitting on the counter.

Jamey had picked (about 8 quarts, according to him), cleaned and topped them. Oh, dear. What an amazing I-just-woke-up-and-am-groggy-and-thirsty-and-wanting-something-sweet snack. The kids were watching a Magic School Bus video and I kept hearing their pitter-patter as they took turns stealing strawberries from the counter to eat while watching.

Those strawberries sealed the deal for Sunday dinner. Strawberry Brunch Souffle was perfect. I have missed eating this for breakfast. I took a break from it because I ran out of frozen crushed strawberries and I have been trying to cut down on my kitchen duties so as to stay off my feet.

Our plans for these berries (and all those that follow)? To eat as many as we can without getting sick. To crush and freeze LOTS- not just for breakfast, but also to make more jars of jam for my sister's wedding favors.

Then, yesterday, I read about Mama JJ's Aunt Valerie's Blueberry Bars. My frozen blueberries are long gone, so I substituted in strawberries instead. Oh my goodness, these are so good. Mine are less bar-like, I think, because the strawberries are so juicy. No matter. Delicious, indeed.

Glory be. Our first pop-them-in-your-mouth-one-right-after-the-other-fruit of the season! Pin It


  1. they look fabulous!! i just might have to try both of these recipes sometime soon.
    missed seeing you yesterday at church...hope you're feeling alright. :)

  2. iamamoser,
    Thanks for your concern:-). I just didn't sleep well the night before and thought I'd stay home and take it easy. Both recipes- worth trying. Again and again:-).

  3. How many strawberry plants do you have? Do you know what variety/ies they are? Thanks!

  4. Michelle, Several years ago, we started out with about 50 plants. This particular year(above) the plants had spread into one wide row about 8 feet by 30 feet fairly solid with plants. I have no idea how many there were.

    We're not so picky with varieties. We often pick plants up wherever we can get them easily and if we don't like the results, the next year we switch. Our initial strawberry plants came from a hardware store:-) and we have no idea what kind they are. We are very pleased with them, though, and are glad we didn't spend a lot of money on pricey ones.

    I hope this is helpful:-).


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