Monday, October 20, 2008

The Next Challege

Now that most everything is put up, I move on to tackling the next problem (which really isn't a problem...more of a challenge). What would that be? Using it all!

It's a difficult transition for me to make and I'll tell you why. All spring, summer and fall, we have been acting like squirrels, rounding up and preserving every edible item we could get our hands on. Now, all of a sudden, we are supposed to start using it all? I know that's the point. I didn't just can and freeze all this stuff so I could take pictures of it and show them to you. Those jar-lined shelves are not just for looking at (although they are rather pretty).

So how do we begin? For starters, I need to sit down with my Harvest Tally and create menus, then print off some calendars and start filling in the little boxes with meal ideas. This way, every afternoon, I'm not left flipping through cookbooks and wandering aimlessly from pantry to kitchen cupboards to freezer and back again. This is one project I need to get busy on. When I come up with our rotation, I'll share it with you.

Now, let's join together and say, "It's okay to open jars. It's okay to open jars. It's okay to open jars." And again....

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  1. I have the same exact fact, I was just telling my mom (Valerie) about it 20 minutes ago. Maybe I should try that menu planning thing, although, I can never stick to those things. How do you manage to stay with your plan?

  2. Zoe,
    I tend to do pretty well with my menu, switching days occasionally if I'm hungry for tomorrow's meal today, etc. The biggest motivator for me? To think that I put all that up for nothing (if I don't use it) and the thought of spending money on food we don't need instead of heating oil:-)!By spring, it does get pretty tough- ahhhh...asparagus and strawberries taste sooooooo good!

  3. It really is so hard to open the first bottles after preserving time. At our house it is the apple cider. I know that with seven kids and a husband who love the stuff, it will be gone all too soon. Thank you for a fun blog. I am having fun exploring. :)


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