Friday, October 17, 2008

Curtains...for Food Storage

I am not a frilly person. I think that is why I have a hard time with curtains. I go to other people's homes and I think their curtains look nice. But, when it comes to my own house, I am rendered helpless. I think it's a combination of not liking many styles of curtains and not really caring. In our downstairs, there are no curtains. There are bamboo roman shades in our laundry room, but that is because in the summer sun beats in that room, ferociously. Upstairs, there are simple, straight curtains in our bedroom, the bathroom and in Sam's bedroom (I made the ones in Sam's bedroom and the bathroom and my aunt made the ones in our bedroom as a housewarming gift.) Sadie's room has wooden shades. Goodness, where was I going?

When we started storing canned food in the pantry, we needed to address this little window. In the Harvest Tally 2008 link to the left, you can see the window straight ahead, behind my big pot. Here is the view from the outside. I bought a cheap, little curtain rod and made a very simple curtain. This keeps it nice and dark in there, especially since this side of the house gets a lot of sun (as you can see).

In trying to decide where to store our sweet potatoes (which I totally forgot to list in our tally!! They are there now.), we determined that the little mudroom off our back entrance mudroom (this house was made for outdoor work- it used to be a hog farm) would be perfect. It's unfortunately on the same sunny side of the house as the pantry window and the door sports a window. A curtain was calling. Well, actually, Jamey was calling me to make a curtain so he can store the sweet potatoes.

I lined it with darker fabric to keep as much light out as possible. We think it will work nicely. And, if you think I go out spending money on Ralph Lauren fabric (which this may be) when we have a fixed, albeit nonexistent budget, you are incorrect. My dear friend, Laura, is an interior decorator in Manhattan and keeps me well-stocked with leftover fabric swatches for quilts, pillow cases and curtains for food storage. Thank you, Laura. I wonder if the likes of Ralph Lauren had this, particularly, in mind....

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  1. How fortunate are you to have such a great fabric connection!?! I love your little curtains...and your red door.

  2. You didn't mention how you cured your sweet taters, but we went through the whole process last year and had great success. So, for whatever it's worth:

    Wash the potatoes. Let them sit on the dry grass in the sun, turning once. We then put them in plastic bags in a dark closet for a couple weeks, but I think that maybe wasn't necessary---though maybe I'm wrong on that. I dunno. We wrapped the potatoes in newspaper and laid them in cardboard boxes and stored them in the girls' bedroom closet (room temperature and dark). They kept fantastically well. The only problem was that I kept forgetting about them.


  3. I have a few sweet pot plants in & I hope I get just half the sweet potatoes you have harvested.
    I love your harvest room. I am very envious...


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