Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who voted! This is my first experience with a poll here and it was really fun for me. To be honest, if I see a poll on a blog, I usually take the time to read the question and look at the current results, but I do not vote. Why? I'm not sure.... But, now that I've been on the 'polling' side of things, I think I will...

To the question of: "What would you like to know/hear more about?, here are your answers. Twelve people voted. Some voted for more than one, obviously.


2/Eating Locally
2/Preserving Food
2/Food, food, food
2/Facts about us
1/Other ("garden and chickens")
10/I like what I hear

You gave me the go ahead to continue on which-ever-which-way my thoughts turn. Thank you. You all are very sweet. Even those of you who didn't vote. You're sweet for just visiting here.

I am glad, though, that the poll is no longer the first thing I see in the side bar. I'd much rather look at our pullets and the pumpkin patch. Wouldn't you? Pin It

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