Sunday, September 14, 2008

End of the Summer Meal

It sure feels like this might be the end of the summer. The past two days have been unseasonably warm. No, hot. And this week's forecast is calling for cooler temps, in the mid 70's.

It almost seems as if I'm on the cusp of the change right now. The sun has gone behind the clouds and the wind is blowing fiercely. It feels wonderful.

Although we didn't plan a summery meal to celebrate the possible closing of the season, it turned out to be just that.

Jamey picked the first of our fall lettuce, making big salads for us, piled with homegrown carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. We had the very last of the corn, leftover tabouli (which has all good summer things in it- tomatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic, mint, parsley) with flat bread and scrambled eggs. I didn't even crave desert afterwards. This is an oddity for me, especially when there is sour cherry pie in the fridge.

It's all making me a little sad.... Pin It


  1. Hi, I skipped over here from mamajj's blog...we're cousins. I just love your blog. I do my best to "tread softly" and it's fun to read about other people who do the same. Keep it up!

    I'm looking forward to fall lettuce but mine is still tiny. Hopefully I'll get some before it frosts. As for end of summer meals, aren't they lovely? I'm trying so hard to enjoy all these veggies we have, knowing that in a few weeks, we won't have fresh ones again for many months, but I must say, I do get tired of zucchini and tomatoes in EVERYthing :)

  2. Zoe,

    Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words!


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