Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pear Pickin'

We've had it on the calendar for over a week. This past Saturday was pear pickin' day. My brother and his fiance came over to help. We were going to pick a lot of pears.

In the front of our old (110 years old) house, there are 6 large, old pear trees. We think they were planted soon after the house was built. Three of them are in dire straits and will likely be cut down this fall. The other three are in ok shape and still bear fruit. The problem is, they are VERY tall and haven't been pruned in years and years and years. We don't know what kind they are or when to pick them. I've never canned the pears from these trees before. So, we guesstimated on when they should be picked and put it on the calendar.

Two years ago, I canned the pears off a small pear tree we have out back. They were not so good for eating, but canned nicely and the kids loved them. That year we didn't pick from the front trees because I was not yet so ambitious and because they were SO high up in the trees.

Last year, we had a late frost and it froze all the blooms, so we got nothing. All this to say, I have been really psyched for these pears. Here are two of the old, tall trees out front.

See how high up the pears are?

But, these trees are loaded. The first attempt, was to use a pear-picker. It didn't work all that well. Then, came the tall ladder. Jamey picked and threw them down to my brother, who, at one point, was using Sam's baseball mit to catch them. That worked pretty well for awhile.

But, then we saw this beautiful cluster, way up high. Dozens, maybe 50, good size, blushing pears. Hmmmm. They were up way higher than our ladder would reach.

Not a problem! Just saw the branch off. That will get 'em down quick.

So, here they are. Spread out on our front porch. I have no idea how long it will take these to ripen. They have good flavor already. It's just that the consistency is more like a potato right now. This may turn out to be a lesson learned in over-zealous pear picking. There are plenty more up in those trees, so we can always try again in a week or two if things go badly. You know what, though? They were free. And this is how I learn.

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  1. That is AMAZING. I don't think I've ever seen pears still on the tree (sad sad story, I know). I can't believe how loaded they are (okay I can a little since my much shorter persimmon tree is practically bowing over with fruit). Thanks for sharing!


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