Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Little Dress

Sadie loved this dress from the moment she saw it. She hugged it to her chest in the store and all the way home. My little girl LOVES dresses. Every morning as we are picking out clothes for the day, she says "Ress, ress!" While Sam and I sport our play/canning clothes, Sadie is wearing the cutest dresses, thanks to my friend, Susie, who sends her daughter's clothes our way (thanks, dear!!). So, I wasn't surprised at all that she would want this dress. The problem was...

the bottom is sewed shut because it's a clothespin bag, not a dress. Sadie took it hard.

Aside from breaking my daughter's heart, I was thrilled. I have been using small gift bags for clothespin bags for 2 years now. Finally, I'd had it. I tried Target and was very disappointed (but not surprised) that they didn't have any. Then, I went to our local grocery (non chain) store, being certain that they would come through for me. I checked by the clothespins. No bags. I started wondering what this world was coming to.

Just then, I saw a store employee and asked her. She said they DO carry them and walked me to a little kiosk a couple aisles over. She explained that a local woman sews these and sells them here. Wooohooo! Cute and local! I was thrilled and so was Sadie...but not for the same reason. So sorry, baby.... Pin It

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