Sunday, August 10, 2008


Exciting title for a post, I know. I'm not very creative with my titles. Sometimes, I try to think of exciting titles and then I think that they will sound like I had to try hard to think up an exciting title. So, I don't even try anymore. Thank you for reading my posts anyway.

So, corn. We've been eating it for dinner almost every night for the past week and have put up maybe 5-6 quarts so far. There's more to come, for eating and freezing. So, we're not done with corn yet.

WELL. The reason for this post is not to talk about MY corn, but to talk about the corn my in-laws put up. This past week, according to Jamey, who spoke with them on the phone this afternoon, they put up (froze) 54 DOZEN ears of corn. Not 54 kernels. 54 DOZEN EARS. 54. DOZEN. You heard me.

All I can say is, "GO, MOM and DAD! we have some??" Pin It

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