Monday, August 7, 2017

Projects Galore

 selling sunflowers (again)- this time to help raise funds toward a short-term medical missions trip

Sadie has taken over chicken duty (all 15 made the photo)

 It worked! Two years after planting three vines, we're harvesting and eating red, seedless grapes (with no spray).

 settling in- the smoke house now has a porch, post and stone foundation, stone step and slide. Because what smoke house is not complete without a slide?

this year's garden- mostly weeds and a few vegetables (with a new gate)

preparing for new siding: tearing down an old, unused chimney 

 slowly turning a multi-use barn into a buggy shed (for cars)

assembled hand-me-down trampoline 

the last two weeks of summer- finally some time to start quilting it

constructing a "Children's Zoo"- very important work, indeed
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  1. How do you get grapes??? We have 4 vines, and when there are grapes, the squirrels and birds eat them all and we get none! Sometimes they eat the tiny green ones before they've grown and changed color! We've put netting on,, but the squirrels find a way under that!! So frustrating!!

    1. Ugh. I am so sorry you don't get to eat your grapes! I was totally braced for this exact problem because we have to net our blueberry bushes (from the birds) which are right beside our grape vines but for some reason, the birds left them alone. I think our dog helps in the squirrel department. Squirrels are NOT allowed to come down out of trees if our dog has anything to do with it. One thing you could try for squirrels is to wrap the lower trunks/vines with carpet tacking or something that would hurt their little feet. Sounds mean, but we did it on our peach trees to keep the ground hogs out of them and it worked. Best of luck to you- hoping next year YOU get to eat your grapes:-).

  2. Jane, so nice to hear from you. I use your cookbook often.
    Have a great day!


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