Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Simple Math Help

My days are full of baby care and supervision (he has finally caught up, developmentally, and, at almost ten months, is everywhere) as well as kid care and homeschooling.

It's all day, everyday- back and forth between the two, sometimes attempting both at once.  I know some of you are in the midst of this now, too.  Bless your tired hearts.

Reading (outside especially) can be fun but Math is a bit more challenging for some of us.  I've written about some multiplication and division tools we use here.  But it goes beyond drilling facts.  It seems that around 4th and 5th grade, the new concepts are endless- hitting us like snowball after snowball with no chance to shake off and prepare for the next hit.  In an effort to simplify things and create a tool for review and to be used as a resource when memories fail, I started a Math concept card ring for Sadie, now a 5th grader.

We use Saxon Math and really appreciate their format for each lesson- new concept, new concept practice, then review, review, review.  For each new concept this year, I make a 3 x 5 card that summarizes the skill.  I then punch a hole in the corner and thread it onto a ring (like these). This is not rocket science.  I'm sure others do this.  It is working really well.

Sadie uses the cards for reference as she does the new concept practice problems as well as when completing the review problems that she needs a little help with.  Some days, I have her read through the cards before we start math.  The goal, of course, is for the cards to become obsolete.  In the meantime, they're at her disposal.  I'm also hoping they're prove to be a nice review now and again throughout the summer.

Maybe they will help one of your kids, too.  What do you find is helpful for your math scholars? Pin It


  1. Gosh. I think I could use a stack of those math cards on a ring! ;o}

    What a comforting (and comfortable!) back-up for Sadie.

  2. These are fantastic, I so wish I had thought of this while my son was homeschooling and using Saxon math!!

  3. Excellent idea. Thank goodness for index cards and sticky notes. 😊

  4. Great idea! I graduated my youngest 7 years ago but now my grandchildren are the homeschool kids in the family so I will pass this on.

  5. Love the math cards idea! Happy Thursday ♥

  6. Wish I'd had those cards back when I was in school!!! Blessings from Missouri!


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