Friday, February 19, 2016

Four Weeks In

It's been four weeks since we've once again become a temporary family of six.  I am finally coming out of the overwhelmed-adjustment fog that occurs with a new placement.  This time, it's taken longer for the fog to lift.

Our current placement is a baby born premature with special needs.  He is beautiful.  He is resilient. He has many strengths.  He needs a lot of care.

I don't know what these last four weeks would have looked like without all the meals from church, family and friends.  Or without friends who've come mid-day to hold him while I shower or do some laundry. The girls are taking an extended school break (except for Math).  Sam continues with his work despite the disruption. The prayers of so many are felt.

I've found myself doing things I couldn't have imagined before. I've hired cleaning help (for the first time in my life).  We've hired a math tutor (for the first time in our lives).  I went almost four weeks without cooking a meal myself.

On the way to one of his (countless) appointments, I looked over at Jamey and said, "You know, we've usually had our garden meeting by now".  We both chuckled and seriously discussed signing up with a CSA.

I don't know what our spring will look like but I know it will look very different from years past. The garden, the animals, the canning projects all pale in comparison to the need that lays in our arms and rests his little chin on our shoulders.

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  1. you have so much on your plate. Thank you for helping that little baby have a better start to his life.

  2. Bless you, Jamey and the children as you open your hearts and home to this little one.
    Thankful, as well to friends who have also stood in the gap with you.
    Praying that all your needs will be continued to be met.

  3. Bless you for helping this tiny little boy. What a ministry! Love how people are helping with meals.......................and that you are hiring some help. That is so wise.

  4. Jane, your little boy is a blessing. He will thrive, smile and fill your heart. I have looked after such a baby. You and I have chatted before about these special children. Mary

  5. The love and good beginning you are giving this little boy babe is priceless. People want to be part of what you are so selflessly giving so welcome any help that comes your way with open arms. And don't feel the least bit (not one single itty bitty bit) guilty about hiring cleaning or tutoring help. You are blessedly giving what cannot be bought.

  6. God's many blessings will pour out on your family as you care for this little one of His.

  7. You are such a blessing to that baby boy, God bless you and your family

  8. How awesome of you all. I'm sure that is super challenging. Isn't it a blessing to have a loving church family during a time like this?

  9. Bless you all for taking such tender care of this precious one. All those other tasks can wait. Babies can't. :) Cheering you on in PA!

  10. Even though it was 15 years ago, I remember how high needs my very premature baby was when he came home. It was not a short season. I am so glad you have community to help you. Lots of prayers for your entire family. What you are doing now will affect him his whole life. You are truly a pencil in God's hand.


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