Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brace Yourself: Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

I regularly try new recipes but most don't make it anywhere close to being blog-worthy. Sure, they provide us with calories, vitamins and fill our bellies.  Most aren't awful. They're really fine. They're just...lack-luster- not something I want to bring here.  To share with you.

So when a recipe breaks through, please know that I'm sharing it because I love it.  And I hope that you will love it, too.

Enter these Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars.  I'm not even going to re-post the recipe because I didn't make any changes.  I made them just like she said.

When I came to the salted caramel sauce recipe part, though, I was a bit apprehensive.  I hadn't made caramel sauce like this before.  There was threat of burning.  I decided to try it anyway but document the steps (in case I did it right) to show you.  I'm a visual person and would've appreciated more step by step photos so I thought you might, too.  That said, don't be afraid of this caramel sauce.  Instead, prepare your arm for a work-out by giving it a good rub down first.  Also, make the sauce while the bars are baking so you can smell the reason why you're making the sauce and bulking up only one side of your body.  Switch arms, people, switch arms!

Since I'm sharing these photos, I think you know how it turned out.  This sauce is amazing. AND. The recipe yields over a pint so you'll have plenty (tons, actually) left over to top vanilla ice cream, dip apple slices into, you. name. it.  In fact, you could always make the sauce and drizzle it across your favorite apple pie.  Because that would be amazing, too.

Bake on, my friend, bake on.

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  1. Making this now.......wondering what the consistency of the shortbread crust should be in after 15 minutes. Mine seems very undercooked. Wondering if my oven is under-heating??? Hmmmmmmmmm....................If by some miracle you see this soon, please advise. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Kim! Mine didn't brown-up either and I even gave it a couple extra minutes. I pulled it out before it turned light brown (I didn't want the bottom to burn) and it still worked and tasted great. It's not your oven:-).

  2. Bless you, friend! So kind of you. Mine are baked and I will put them in the fridge soon. Serving them tomorrow night at Care Group meeting. My husband is beginning to really, really admire you. I trust your judgment on recipes as I am too lazy to research them myself. Thank you for being my research gal! Will give you an update after we test-taste.

  3. CRAZY!!! These sounds amazing. Your family must love it when you do these sorts of things in the kitchen. :) Hugs to you! Camille

  4. These are so good!! Can't limit yourself to one! I substituted gluten free flour blend and they turned out GREAT!! We think the sauce is a little too salty so next time I will do a little less.


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