Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Every once in a while I happen upon a most overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  Sometimes it comes out of the blue and other times something happens that reminds me of all I have to be thankful for. This week I'm swimming in it.  I hope that in the midst of your life- whatever it looks like- you can feel a smidgen or an ocean of it, too.

I'm thankful for preteen boys who make chickens jump for sour cherries.

I'm thankful for little girls who love picking mulberries and...

...who take their job as cherry stoner very seriously.

I am thankful for the ridiculous amount of beauty that surrounds me and for those moments when I actually take the time to appreciate it.

I am thankful for the promise of things to come.  All I have to do is wait.

This week, I am even thankful for weeds.  {A true sign I'm drowning in it.}

But most of all, I am thankful for the gift of life and the family I'm entrusted to care for and be loved by.

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  1. A beautiful post with a beautiful reminder. And a Baltimore oriole...that's a spectacular surprise!

  2. This is a wonderful gratitude list. I'm grateful for very similar things! :)

  3. I also loved seeing the oriole! I've been keeping a gratitude list - I write down three things before I go to bed each night. It has been fun to look back over the past months and see how God has blessed me.

  4. It is those small, everyday moments that reveal so much to us, cherish them.
    It looks like your chickens are grateful & patiently waiting for your son's pickings up on the ladder, cute pic.

  5. You have a beautiful home, a beautiful family and you take beautiful photos. You are truly blessed. Psalm 19:1-6.

  6. I don't know what it is about summer, but I feel like this almost every day (not so much in the winter-a little more crabby perhaps?) All your pics are gorgeous but that second to last one looks like it should win an award-totally timeless.

  7. A truly heart-warming post! Thank you. - Joyce

  8. how do you care for your cherry tree? I planted 2 dwarf cherry trees last year and want to keep them ( organically) healthy.

    1. Hi, nese. It's a very old sour cherry tree that was here when we bought the house. We do nothing to it other than an occasional pruning. Several years ago, a storm took down a very large limb from another tree and it fell on part of the cherry tree- this is why it's rather odd looking. Some years late frosts get the blooms and we don't have cherries. Some years the birds get them before we do but often the mulberries are out at the same time and the birds seem to prefer those. We don't spray it. The chickens fertilize it. When we get the cherries, they are always lovely.

      Now, we also have two dwarf sweet cherry trees that are about 5 years old. While they're very healthy looking, they've only produced a few cherries so far each year and the birds always get them before we do. For next year, I'm thinking we need a heavier pruning and netting. Best of luck to you!

  9. Thanks for this reminder to look at the positive! Why is it so easy to look at the negative things in life? I just saw some wild blackberries growing behind our house. Gotta find a time when my husband can watch our toddler, so that I can go pick!!

  10. A very good reminder, I must admit I'm only going to be grateful for good health so I can pull the weeds, I just can't bring myself to be grateful for the silly things - I am however thankful that I can once again touch my toes! (happens every summer after about a week of weeding!)

  11. Hey Guys. You do a great job up there! Love your blog site.Maybe have an earlier and a later vacation. But have one/them anyway. Even Yashua /Jesus got away! You always need a break ,here and there. Keep on doing the great job your doing.


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