Friday, May 8, 2015

Glorious Spring

I could spend an entire day outside taking pictures.  I don't seem to pay as much attention to detail without my camera.  I need to work on that.  Since it isn't possible right now I settle for short stints outside between teaching and lunch, between loads of laundry and sweeping, between checking math and assigning chores.

In a few short weeks, we'll be wrapping up the end of the school year and my days will open up.  I can't wait.  For now, I inhale the Lily of the Valley and lilac and head back inside.

Our lettuces reseeded themselves nicely and are waiting to be thinned and weeded.  We've been enjoying asparagus and even found the first mushroom of the year on our logs.

Our blueberries are in bloom (above).  We lost one of our bushes over the winter and hope to replace it with another soon.  Our two honey bee colonies are doing splendidly.  Last week Jamey added more bars to the top bar hive and a super to the Langstroth (below) to give them the room they need. Both queens took their mating flights, were fertilized and are laying eggs.

I pruned our red raspberries on the late side this year but they seem to be thriving anyway.

Flocks of barn swallows have made their homes in our barns this spring.  They flit in and out all day long.  Every time I walk down to the barn, they swoop in and out right over my head and I can't help but giggle with delight.

I'm even excited about blooming weeds.  They feed our bees, you see:-).

And these two sisters?  They're making everyone smile.  Especially Spock.  He went from being nervous, jumpy and preferring the inside of the barn to rooting-beside, skipping-around, and sleeping-outside-three-wide with these two.

Right now, this is my favorite season EVER.
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  1. I love reading your updates! Can't wait for another bee post. They fascinate me!

  2. What is the reddish bloom underneath the yellow flower? I think my dad would have referred to it as red clover.

    Thanks for the updates!

    1. Yes, it is clover. We planted it as a cover crop in our sunflower patch and only a section of it took. Our bees might love the flowers as much as I do:-).


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