Monday, December 1, 2014

In the School Room

In the past month or so a friend of mine has been posting photographs and breaking them down.  I thought I'd apply the same idea to a picture I took a couple weeks ago. I love it because it truly is a snap shot into what our life is like at this moment in time.

~ Despite the occasional lament during actual school, as soon as they're given free time, they play school.  Sam is taking turns teaching Miriam (in her creative learning stance) and Sadie.
~ laundry in the basket on the couch waiting to be folded
~ Handwriting pages, maps, Bible memory verses, school calendar, spelling rule reminders and framed art from this summer's painting fun (we used this book) adorn the walls.
~ Strewn board books, an Indestructible, colander, Hess car, soccer ball, and peek-a-boo blocks show what baby was playing with.
~ School table covered in school books waiting to be put away on the shelves to the right.
~ Open toy cabinets (the doors came off years ago) and two locked craft/toy rotation cabinets sit under the school shelves.  I *so* advocate locking a cabinet or two.
~ Basket on school shelf holds diapers, changing pad, wipes and diaper cream because who wants to traipse upstairs every time there's a dirty diaper?
~ ABC cards from My Father's World because we have a kindergartener in the house
~ pillow on the floor because that's where pillows belong, right?
~ CD player on the table for listening to Bible memory verse and Geography songs
~ Sadie holding the baby like I often do during school

This is so characteristic of life right now- a semi-organized whirlwind of togetherness- children, school and never-ending laundry.  
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  1. Love this photo. Reminds me of all the things that used to be happening at once in my classroom...May seem like chaos to the casual observer, but life and learning were happening, and that's a beautiful thing!

  2. Oh, I love looks warm and cozy and inspiring. I love the alphabet cards! And Miriam standing on the sofa! lol

  3. Oh, I *know* that friend of yours...I count her as one, too. And, I like the little snippets of life pictures show....thank you for sharing. Life is full for you, but, I am sure you know that these are precious days...enjoy them, busy as they are! :) May the Lord bless you! Hugs, Camille

  4. love this!!! I want Jennifer to host this as a regular feature on her blog. . .

    I LOVE this photo and your explanations of what's going on. How smart to lock a cabinet. I do rotate toys, but the kids will often beg/tell me when they want me to rotate, and I think it's better if the new toys just quietly get exchanged with the old. We recently did a big purge of stuff/toys and suddenly, the kids are trying to play with the toys on the Goodwill pile just because they hadn't seen them for a while - ack!


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