Monday, September 15, 2014

Cookbook Special!

Back in November of 2012, I self-published a cookbook.  It was (and is) a compilation of our family's most used and loved recipes.  I also included instructions for canning and freezing in terms that beginners can understand.  It truly was a labor of love.  With an emphasis on both the labor and the love ;-).

In the past (almost) two years, I am so pleased to say that I've sold almost 500 copies of the coil-bound version of Thy Hand Hath Provided (the cookbook).  I have been humbled by the cookbook love and encouragement I've felt from all of you!

As an early means of celebrating it's two-year anniversary, I have a special to share.  I've highly discounted the e-version of the cookbook on Amazon again (and is available now!).  The low, low price will slowly inch back up over the course of the week until it returns to full price, so act quickly if you'd like to add it to your e-library.

(click image to be taken to Amazon)

The paper, coil bound version is, of course, available as well.  You can read more about it and find links to online reviews here.  I will personally mail your copy and even sign it if you ask.

In the midst of a very busy back-to-school month, I wanted to say thank you.  Since I can't bake you a peach cobbler, I hoped this would do.

P.S.  The peach cobbler recipe I *would* make you if I could can be found in the cookbook.  It's my grandmother's recipe and is called "Cobbler, Southern Style". Pin It


  1. Jane, I'm still pulling your cookbook off my shelf constantly and enjoying the recipes you've so kindly shared. Folks, this cookbook is well worth it . . . there's nothing like recipes that are from a real cook who feeds her family daily with nutritious, delicious, homemade (and often homegrown) food. Jane does this and has given all of us the opportunity to do so, too, through her lovingly put together cook book.

  2. For that price I picked up a 2nd version on my iPad! Thank you!!


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