Thursday, May 22, 2014

Keeping Records (Including Maps)

I can't say enough about how much record-keeping can be helpful (and fun).

We're kind of obsessed with record keeping around here, actually.  Jamey keeps a detailed garden journal that includes notes about other projects, too. I have separate garden notebook which contains maps, plant/tree receipts, project details, etc.  Then I have a canning/preserving journal, a recipe notebook, a bee notebook and a blueberry notebook.  And then there's this here blog- yet another means of record keeping.

The other day I came across the map I drew for an interview I did with Homestead Revival back in 2010 (Thanks, again, for hosting me, Amy!)  I decided to semi-trace the map and update it.  I love to see the subtle changes that take place over time.  We won't be left to wonder when we did what or where we put this or that.

This newer map does not show all the woodpiles- they deserve their own map (which I believe Jamey has in his notebook).

I also came across a pencil drawing of our back, back yard just after our first (postage stamp) garden was put in.  I had forgotten that we had our fire pit and Sam's sand box out back there by the garden.  The fire pit is now closer to the house and we have a playhouse (with sand box underneath). That whole yard is now bee, fruit tree and chicken territory.

Another map I found was drawn the very first spring we were here (9 years ago).  A wise friend from church came over and walked the property with me pointing out what each bush, tree, flower and plant was. I was clueless.  I learned so much that day and having that map labeled with names is a wonderful reminder of how fun that day was and how fun it was moving here.

So.  If you haven't started any kind of record keeping, please do.  Start now with even a simple drawing of your property/yard.  Label it with the date and file it away.  It will be a treasure one day. Pin It


  1. My wife likes records too. She has a map of all the fruit trees and an annual map of the garden. I recently discovered the free program, "Hive Tracks". Really a jewel for keeping records on the hives , which now that they have increased to six, I could not remember what was going on in them.

  2. Great maps! I like to keep maps of my flowerbed plantings, but I like the idea of the whole yard being mapped!

  3. What a lovely idea! You have such beautiful map-making skills my friend.'ve got me to thinking. Most of our changes have taken place indoors in the nearly 20 years we've had our home. I regret to say that we don't have much in the way of documentation of the transformation. Your yard looks to be a very productive place! What a blessing. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. Hi! I love your map drawings...I am a big map, floor plan, garden plan fan, too...which explains my love of graph paper! I love to see the additions...bees, mushrooms, some trees, your homestead is really coming along. xoxo


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