Monday, November 4, 2013

Start Peeling Now, Please.

You still have some apples around waiting to be used, right?  Well, if you do, I have two alternatives to traditional apple pie for you.  Not that there's anything wrong with traditional apple pie.  I'm just guessing you already have your own favorite apple pie recipe and you might not know about these.

First of all, are you a crust person or not?  I'm not a crust person.  I happily start at the pointy end of my piece of pie and stop when I only have crust left.  I know, some of you are moaning in utter horror and I'm sorry about that.

For those of you who won't miss the crust (or have neither pie crust on hand nor the desire to make one), try this French Apple Pie with Cream Cheese Topping (page 92 in the cookbook). You mix up a stiff batter, fold in the apples, spread the batter straight into a greased pie plate, and bake it.  When it cools, top with cream cheese icing (as thick or this as you like) and enjoy.

If you're a crust person, you're going to love this next one.  And much, much, much, much to my surprise I loved it, too.  This is Deb's Slab Apple Pie- two layers of simple, buttery crust hold a simple apple filling that is drizzled with a simple icing.  And yet somehow it doesn't taste simple- it's swoon-worthy.

I used cortland apples that I had set aside on applesauce day for baking.  The only change to the recipe that I made was that I sprinkled the top with a few tablespoons of cinnamon-sugar after the egg glaze.  I was worried about all the crust.  After eating the final product, I don't think it was at all necessary.

With a fork or out of hand (and believe me, I tried both...a couple times), I fell in love.
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  1. Wow! These both look amazing! Thanks for sharing! I pinned them! :)

  2. Slab pies are so convenient when serving a crowd. We do apple or peach the most. And I am a pie maker, too, so doesn't bother me to mix up 10 crusts at a time for standard pies. MGCC has a recipe for lemon meringue pie done in a cookie sheet. I've had it but never made that one myself.

  3. Mmm...just what I needed some ideas to use up the last of our apples. I'm off to try the slab pie first.


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