Friday, September 13, 2013

Cookbook Winners!

Well.  It was such a treat being able to read about what you all did in August.  Some of your comments made me tired- gracious me!  Some almost made me cry.  You all are amazing.  I know I've said this before but I truly think I have the nicest readers around.  It is only once in a blue, blue moon that someone leaves me an unkind comment.  It's very rare.  And that in itself is rare compared to what I've heard other bloggers have to deal with.  Maybe you all are just too polite to complain.  But more likely it's because you're awesome.  Thanks for making blogging so much fun!!

On to the winners!  The two people who have won 7th printing, clear-plastic-cover copies of the Thy Hand Hath Provided Cookbook are...

Harvesting the garden, weeding, canning, weeding, trying out my new dehydrator, more weeding!! Made lots of salsa from our great tomato harvest, and lots of applesauce from our apple trees - lots more apples and pears coming the end of the month. Covering plants when the temps dropped in the 40's for a few chilly days in August. We are back in the 90's but Thursday's low is supposed to be in the 40's again. Crazy MI weather. We are blessed to be able to make it to retirement and have the time (not always the energy) to do the things we love. God is good and we are blessed. Herbielady


August went by so fast, I'm not sure what I did! Well actually, I spent a lot of time preserving--canning, baking, cooking, freezing. All good stuff. I also spent time slowing down a bit. Thank you for this contest, I'd love to win a copy of your cookbook. Welcome back!

Congratulations!  Please email me (at your full names and mailing addresses and I'll send your cookbooks out right away:-).

If you didn't win, don't be dismayed!  We still have about 70 of these clear-plastic-cover copies left.  So, if you'd like one, either for yourself or a gift, please go here and when ordering, make a note that you'd like a clear-cover copy!

Have a wonderful weekend friends.  It's cooling down a bit here...I wonder when we'll start up the wood stove and put the garden to bed....

Jane Pin It


  1. bummed to not win but heading over to buy one :)

  2. Congrats to your two lucky-ducky winners!

  3. I received mine yesterday and it is lovely I must say! Awesome recipes that I cant wait to try :) thank you so much for making this available to us.

    Much love and appreciation,


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