Thursday, June 13, 2013

Plastic for Lunch No More

Even though our kids are getting older, I still like using those kids' divider plates.  They help me be thoughtful about giving them a balanced meal (a different food group in each section) and it kept their yogurt from running into other parts of their lunch (which doesn't go over real well).

What I didn't like was that these plates were plastic and couldn't be placed in the dishwasher (they stain and warp and leach out chemicals, I'm sure).  Several months ago, I went on a quest to find stainless steel divider plates but was discouraged.  The plates I found were cafeteria-size (HUGE) and expensive.

Then, I came across a sweet little website and not only were the plates perfect size, but the price was perfect, too.  I ordered three and we've been loving them and using them ever since. And they fare just fine in the dishwasher.  I'm such a happy mama.

I posted this review at no one's request.  These plates are awesome and I needed to share it.
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  1. I like those. I bought some small stainless drinking glasses the other day at our local Amish store for the grandchildren as we also try our best to phase out as much plastic as possible.

  2. What a great idea! Many kudos to you for being so environmentally proactive. You're an inspiration. (I think I want a couple for hubby and me!) :o}

  3. Not sure what made "responsibly " in China means. We have a dozen of so of the Corning/Pyrex custard dishes in various
    sizes for the fussy ones to use, even to this day, for the runny bits. I just set a stack of them out whenever have things like
    4 bean salad or cole slaw or cut up melons, anything that might ooze juice. Personally, I love it all when it runs together and
    I often encourage it much to the disgust of 2 younger daughters.

  4. I gasped audibly when I saw these! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to order some. I use glass, but I'm always concerned with our tile floors someones going to have an accident :/ I'm excited that you shared. :)

  6. I love these!

    (And I love your beekeeping posts! I am highly allergic to stings, so I have to live vicariously ...)


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