Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Time of Year

I love this time of year because everything is new and lush.  The weeds are manageable thanks to the spring rains.  They make pulling them out by the roots a breeze compared to later on in the summer.  Speaking of weeds, I've been a bit hesitant to pull the dandelions from my flower beds after seeing our honey bees nuzzling down between the petals, covering themselves in pollen.  Below you'll see a stretch of raspberries in dyer need of weeding.  I did pull most of them, but I left a few because the bees were on them as well.  Don't you just love another excuse not to weed?  You're restraining yourself for the pollinators!  Good for you!

The gardens still look neat and orderly.  My yearly Mother's Day gift of a hanging basket just outside my kitchen window is full of bloom and color.  Once again, clothes can be dried outside (without freezing my tail off).  The kids are eager to be out because it's not too hot, there are chicks to play with and there are new games to invent and new places to discover to play.  We're eating asparagus and the strawberries and lettuces are on their way to our table, too.  It's the last week of school before a couple days of testing and soon our days will open wide-ready to be filled however we chose (well, until the garden starts dictating our schedule).

What's not to love?!

You know, in case someone needs to know where to find me.

So, what's your absolute favorite thing about this time of year?
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  1. I love this time of year too. I just love to be able to simply walk outside without a coat and just stroll around in my yard, enjoying the sunshine. I love that it's light in the evenings after supper. I love eating outside on the deck. And I love that the mosquitos aren't out yet!

  2. I love the look of freshly planted fields. Here in Illinois, our dirt is very dark, and when just planted, it looks like a lovely, dark brown velvet. Through some of the fields are waterways, left to grass to control erosion. So we have these gorgeous bright green meandering paths of grass surrounded by the deep, rich soil.
    On another note, what do you do with the straw on your garden at the end of the season? Do you rake it up or till it under?
    Also, thanks again for the Kaleidograph gift--it's really neat. I think I enjoy it as much as my kids do!

    1. The fields you describe sound amazing! As for your question, we leave the straw in it's place so it can decompose right where it is. We don't till our entire garden, but the places we do till (carrots, sweet potatoes) get the previous year's straw tilled in and under. It's amazing how much new straw needs to be added each year because the straw from the year before has broken down (wonderful for the soil). If you can find a local farmer who has a stash of rotten straw they are usually more than happy to have you haul it away (and will sometimes even deliver it for you so they can be rid of it).

  3. My favorite part of this time of year? All the greens! YUM!

  4. Hanging laundry out, working in the garden and enjoying watching my boys play outside.

  5. Husband brought in the first of our asparagus last night. We still had frost the last 2 nights. Last frost here is supposed to be 5-15. We don't put plants out until Memorial Day weekend. Our radishes and peas are showing.

  6. One of the first comments you left on my blog (maybe it was THE first?) nearly four years ago was about the clothesline...we have the *love* of it in common my friend. :) And...I had to smile when I saw that one lone orange clothespin in your photo...I have one of those, too! Only one, mind you...interesting the things we notice, don't you think? Happy Spring! :)


  7. I LOVE the idea of that Mother's Day gift!!! I'm going to drop the hint to my family for next year :)

    My favorite thing is all the green. It's just so restful to the eye. But I do love the easy-breezy laundry days, too.


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