Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Non-Fancy Camera

One of my new favorite things to do is traipse around our yard, looking for bees pollinating our flowers, fruits and vegetables.  I carry my camera along just in case.  I love capturing the little things going on around here.

My camera (an Olympus SP-320) is on the old side.  We bought it about 8 years ago, I think.  At the time, it was quite the big purchase for us.  I think it was around $200 on sale.  I still think that's a lot of money for a camera, but I know many people spend much more than that.  I just wanted to show you how an relatively inexpensive camera can take decent pictures.  And, it's compact, to boot.  No extra camera bag to tote along- it fits in my purse.

bee on strawberry blossom

bee on phlox

unripe blueberries

sweet cherries

young Robin

On an unrelated note, I had the privilege of introducing my cookbook at our local farmer's market last weekend.  Despite the dreariness of the day it was fun watching the vendors set up in the quiet, early hours of the morning.  I loved meeting customers and talking food and recipes with others who care deeply about what they feed their families. Pin It

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  1. True my friend...a camera is *just a camera* after all...and yours takes photos that keep memories...what a blessing! Keep on capturing those memories and documenting'll never be sorry you did. :)'ve got blueberries on your exciting!!! Go bees...go! :)

    Love to you!


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