Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Out and About

Our 17 pullets are growing fast.  We've decided that chicks are a must every spring- they provide hours of outdoor entertainment for our kids!  They are living happily in the chicken tractor for now.  

Baby, stick-trees do begin to look like real fruit trees after awhile- take heart!  This is the first year that I think our peach and apple trees have trunks that actually look like trees instead of sticks.

Our two hives all set and ready to go.

Leaves on trees mean shade once again.

snow peas

Our first couple spears of asparagus with onions behind.

A really neat trick of Jamey's- place tomato cages over fall-planted garlic.  It allows the garlic to come up and the chickens to be in the garden at the same time.  The cages keep the chickens from scratching up the garlic.

Our second blueberry bed in complete with age-old railroad ties.  A little stone wall is being constructed on this side of the white work shop for the remaining few bushes.

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  1. What is the 'fence' you have next to the snow peas made of? Or what's it called/where did you find it? I've tried string and chicken wire for keeping my peas up, but they always end up on the ground because the support can't hold the weight. But what you have looks really sturdy. And your fruit trees look great!

    1. It's actually rigid cattle/livestock fencing. A neighbor was going to get rid of it, so we snatched up some panels. It does hold up very well- we know of the problem you speak!:-)

  2. I enjoy peeking into your life my friend...everything looks wonderful in your yard! Enjoy these lovely spring days. :)


  3. You have a lovely place. We hope to have fruit one day.

  4. The picture of the tulips immediately brought tears to my eyes. We've moved 3 times in the last five years (my husband's job) and I'm so ready to get a little place of my own (we're renting right now). I have two little 42"x42" planting beds...I'm trying to decide how to make the most of this small space. We love zucchini...but last year the squash beetles ruined every plant :( Until I get my own place I'll enjoy looking at your's....thank's for all the lovely pics! Jan

  5. You have a beautiful property! We are just barely having "spring" here in Wisconsin. We have chickens also, and concord grapes on our property. We have 2 honey crisp apple trees, cherry trees and a large garden. Last year we finally thought we would get apples, lots of beautiful flowers, however, bugs took over. Do you have any suggestions for a safe bug repellant for trees and gardens?

  6. Your pictures all have such a "spring time" look. Needless to say, you're far ahead of us up here in northern Minnesota. You don't have any deer in your area that would bother your fruit trees? We simply could not grow them if they weren't inside our 7' high deer fencing.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful; thank you so much for sharing! I'm curious. Do you purchase pullets each year or hatch your own? Do you let the Mamas set or use an incubator?

    1. We usually buy them. On the occasions that our hens want to set, we let them but usually they only hatch out a few. Last year one hatched out 7 and we were so thrilled...temporarily, that is. One died and 5 of the remaining 6 turned out to be roosters (which as you know don't lay so well). All this to say, we love watching hens hatch out chicks but it has never proven to be a very successful way for us to build our flock of layers:-).


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