Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Herky Jerky

As we cross over from winter to spring, it's no smooth transition around here.  And that's a bit of how life feels right now- herky jerky- a bit like these nice people look.

Last week, I spent an entire afternoon in the sunshine clearing the flowerbeds of leaves and debris from last year.  Exposing those beautiful green shoots and working carefully around the grape hyacinths and daffodils was life-giving.  I had to shed my sweatshirt and wear a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Three days later, it snowed.

And then it rained, the wind blew and the snow is gone again.

Tired of managing laundry on drying racks (three out of five are in need of repair and finagling to get them to stand up is getting old), I so look forward to warm breezes that dry clothes in a few hours versus a couple days inside.

Soon, we'll start our yearly achievement test prep work.  We've wrapped up formal grammar for the year and are almost through our science book.  Making use of my inside-time, I ordered (Cores C and G, for those Sonlighters out there) and organized (more or less) our curriculum for next year so the majority of the summer can be spent summering.  It feels like school should be wrapping up, but we still have seven weeks left.

I'm even forcing some bulbs I intended for our back patio this spring.  The wood stove drew them up and out in no time.

In an effort to eat more greens, we've been buying some lettuce and it's been a breath of fresh air.  But it's also a tease.  What I really want is our own lettuce and spinach piled high on my plate.  You know, instead of wooden fruit.  Not that there's anything wrong with wooden fruit.  In fact, if Miriam asks, I prefer it.

So, we live in limbo.  Itching to get outside after being cooped up inside.  Excited to switch gears, to move on to what comes next.

In the meantime, we move through our days trying to be patient, still enjoying the cozy aspects of winter, but all eyes on those bulbs I just had to help along for more signs of spring.
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  1. That drawing and the Herky-Jerky caption is perfect. It's exactly how I feel my family IS (most of the time).

  2. Still snowing here!:( sooo ready to change gears as well!!:)

  3. Ooh, that snow looks like the wet sloppy stuff that melts in a day. We get that towards the end of winter. We just had 2 days of snow with the resultant drop in temp to about 10 F. But the sun has been shining for the last 2 days.

  4. We're anticipating snow today! Hope we get a little since we just didn't get much over the winter. Blessings! ~Lisa

  5. What a sweet post, Jane! How cosy everything feels. And, yippee for getting a head start on organising next year's school curriculum!! WOW! Enjoy these cosy days of winter...spring will be here soon. Promise. :)

    With love,


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