Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My {once} baby girl turned seven this past weekend.

clutching a bouquet of new pencils

Instead of planning a theme party based on princesses or ponies, I found myself making meatballs.

We use this recipe.

My girl wanted meat for her birthday.  Meat, as well spaghetti, pickles, and ice cream sandwich cake ("with chocolate hearts on top").  So, that's what we had.

We also surprised her with a weekend visit from my parents and a very special gift made by her daddy.

It was Jamey's idea to end the weekend with a drive out to our friend's sheep farm.  He was there, doing his evening chores.  He invited us to join him after he introduced us to the newest addition to his flock- a three day old lamb named Oreo.  We walked through the pasture as he opened and closed gates, the sheep following his call knowing that he would lead them to a dinner of grain.

Sadie wasn't too sure of the llamas that watched us like hawks.  Our friend assured us they are friendly.  Sam was super brave as one walked right up to him (and our friend) to sniff them out.  He keeps two llamas in with the flocks.  They deter predators, becoming very protective over their sheep and are even known to stare down ewes that are bullying newcomers.

Sadie wrote, "I luved it," in her journal on Monday, referring to her birthday.

And we luv you, Sadie girl.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet post! So glad your daughter had a fun birthday. Seven is such a darling age. She will always cherish that desk her dad made. And your friends have Scottish Blackface sheep? They're my favorite! I want sheep. sigh.

  2. Awww happy birthday Sadie! How can she possibly be seven already??

  3. Love the desk and the experience of the visit to the sheep farm. And of course the cake! Happy Birthday Sadie!
    Joyce M

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! I luv her outift...and I LUV the desk! It's beautiful. I always wanted a desk of my own...

  5. Awww...preciousness!! *Love* that first photo...so cute! I spy a hat made by Mavis...don't I? :) Happy Birthday to your "Sadie-girl".

    Blessings to you!

  6. What a perfect, sweet birthday! Sounds like exactly what I would pick, and I'm a fair bit more than seven. :-D

  7. I had to stop for a second and think about which baby was seven. My favorite is that she wanted meat for her birthday....a good indication that kids truly need very little to be happy :) Happy Birthday sweet Sadie!

  8. Sweet! There is no greater compliment from child to mother than a request for their cooking!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! They really do grow up SO FAST!!!!!

  10. Perfect birthday. Way to go, Jamie! That desk is awesome. And sheep farm field trip? I'm totally going to google "sheep farm" in my my area right now.

  11. We luv you too Sadie! Sorry we couldn't celebrate with you, but we heard it was a GREAT party!!

  12. What a sweet post! And I love the hat, tights and nightgown (dress?). Happy Birthday, Sadie!


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