Tuesday, September 4, 2012


three kids
one husband
piano lessons
homeschool PE
tomato stragglers
concord grapes
church meetings
two classes (eight sessions, all together)
women's Bible study
family in town one weekend
applesauce weekend, out of town


a quiet blog

I debated trying to pull it off the best I could but I need to set it aside this month.   I'll see all of you lovelies in early October- likely with pictures and/or details regarding the things above.  I'll miss you.  I really will.


Rose of Sharon

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  1. Aw, we'll miss you--I love reading your posts! I hope you can find some peace and quiet in the busy-ness of your September.

  2. We'll miss you too, but good luck with all you have to do, see you in October!

  3. Just a ditto from the others, I will surely miss you, too. I never could understand how you "did it all" plus teaching/inspiring us at the same time. Have a very good month but try not to be too busy. We need you back soon.

  4. Some blogs we read for the information, and that is awesome. Some we peruse for recipes, how-to's, etc, fabulous. But then there are those that just bring a smile to our face and our heart. That is your blog. The subject matter does not even need to be a relative subject for me, yet I smile. Your heart comes through and it refreshes. Thank you for taking the time from your busy life to share your heart with those of us "out here." It is a gifting and perhaps a calling. And it is appreciated. I wanted you to know that as you plow through your September. Blessings.

  5. As Joyce Meyer's says, you are the only one who makes your schedule and you are the only one who can change it! I am often reminded of the story of Mary and Martha when I am overwhelmed with doing.

  6. Live in the moment. Have a nice vacation Jane. :)

  7. Have a wonderful time in your home with your family doing what you are called to! I understand...I really do! :)



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