Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Opportunity to Give and Receive

About a year and a half ago I met an amazing sister.  Bethany is one of those dear, sweet people that you instantly feel somehow related to.  Her warmth and creativity cause you to look forward to getting to know her better.  And you are not disappointed when you do.

Bethany and her husband have begun an incredible journey for the Lord.  In an effort to raise support, she invited friends and family to purchase some blank cards depicting some of her amazing paintings.  I couldn't keep these to myself.  I wanted to share them with you AND share the opportunity to give in this very special way (while receiving beautiful pieces of artwork in the form of note cards in the meantime)!

I offer to you her work.  Below you will find details about their upcoming service and on how to purchase these incredible cards.

 "Let All Creation Dance" Detail of Bird

 "Thai Mandala with Four Living Creatures"

"Let All Creation Dance"


"Thai Dove"

"Let All Creation Dance" Detail of Tree

Bethany and her husband, Stephen, are beginning a time of cross-cultural Christian service in Bangkok, Thailand. While they will spend most of the first two years in language study, the long term vision is for a team of people with different gifts to be involved in missional engagement in the city. The vision for Bangkok responds to two challenges:

1) Young people move from poor rural provinces to Bangkok for work, fragmenting families and undermining the discipleship efforts of the fledgling Christian church. Like any other city, the idols of the city of Bangkok are status, money and sex. The door is wide open for workers to befriend these seeking young adults and invite them into a truly fulfilling relationship with Jesus.

2) The Bangkok Refugee Center connects with an isolated and disadvantaged population of refugees in Bangkok, but it needs more volunteers to respond to the need. The door is wide open for workers to volunteer in the refugee center as nurses, social workers, and teachers, reaching out with Christ’s love at a time of crisis for these refugees.

Steve and Bethany's vision is to befriend and invite young adults into the life of discipleship as they learn to live out what it means to be disciples themselves by reaching out with Christ's love in holistic missional service to refugees. In this way, they hope to nurture next generation leaders and help the church in Thailand live more fully into missional engagement in the city of Bangkok. 

To Purchase Cards:

Bethany, a visual artist, has created a selection of blank multi-purpose note cards featuring her artwork. All the cards come with envelopes and are compatible with standard US postal sizes for first class mail. A pack of 5 is $15.00 and a pack of 25 is $50.00. To submit your order, email me (Jane) at  Please identify which of the six images you would like and the number of cards (5 or 25) and we will respond with instructions for payment.  Please submit your order by September 30th! 

Thank you for helping support our dear friends!
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