Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recommended {Online} Reading

It's rare these days that I have much time to sit down and read blog posts or articles on line.  Life is full, full, full.  Mostly good-full, but SO full that we've found ourselves re-evaluating all that we do.  We've been taking stock, prioritizing, and planning to plan less.  This is really important to do now and again and we've been so busy that we haven't had time to do it! 

I'll talk more about this down the road, but for now I want to recommend some amazing articles and posts I've read lately.  They touch on very different topics, but all struck a deep chord with me in one way or another. 

Assuming you have a little time to read, I hope they touch you, too.

Why You Should Shun Cheap Groceries (Homestead Revival)

Note to Self (Stairstep Boys)

A Kind Wife (Grace Full Mama)

Will You Follow Jesus Even If Your Life Doesn't Get Any Better? (Relevant)

Have a wonderful weekend.  You are so dear!

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  1. Those sound like good reads.I have been getting educated on how really awful our world is especially from my new found magazine I love"Whole Foods"maybe too much info for my mind to handle but there is some really good articles in this mag, too

  2. All of these...really good. Couldn't agree with them more. Thank you for posting the links!


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