Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who's Going to Tell Them?

Who's going to tell them...

...that it's still February?

Who's going to tell them...

...that if they don't stop getting through the fence and dust-bathing in my flower beds (before I start to care) they may end up in soup?

Who's going to tell him...

...that we might have enough wood (even though it sure is pretty)?

Who's going to tell it...

...that if it doesn't get cold enough soon so it dies, we might be growing oats in our garden this summer instead of vegetables? Pin It


  1. I know. It's super crazy. Instead of being happy with the warm weather, I'm grumpy about it.

  2. Put those chickens out there in those oats and they'll have it cleaned out in no time : )

    1. The chickens have been out there and they ignore the oats and prefer to scratch around for grubs (a good thing) :-(.

  3. wow, you are so far ahead of me, we are still covered in snow with drifts still well over a foot plus, and average six to eight inches.. No signs of green anywhere out there other then in the cold frames..

    Still to be honest, it is lovely to see, but its a month or more early..

  4. Would you believe I'm speechless, I don't know who will tel"l mother nature"on one good note ,Jerry remains the same says his oncologist tat was great,heavenly sent news.

  5. Ha! I JUST did a FB post last night that said, "Nevermind the calendar, spring is here!" LOL!

    I think the flowers don't care that it's only February, so don't waste your breath. Jamie can relax knowing he has a GREAT start on next winter's firwood. The chickens... I have no answer. When you come up with one, would you let me know? As for the oats, I say you'd better get them turned under before they go to seed. :-P Happy spring a month early!!!

  6. Just look at all that wood, it's fun isn't much more real than gas or electric.:) Nice cover crop, your garden will no doubt thank you with an abundance of nutritious and delicious vegetables.

  7. Oh, what a great post! Remember about the wood - it doesn't rot as quickly as your garden produce. Ed takes great pleasure in being able to say, "Well, we just burned November's wood stack. I'm several months ahead."

  8. I loved this post! Thanks for the great pictures, and I know exactly what you mean. This week has been and will probably continue to be bordering 70 degrees where I live! What happened to winter?

  9. I've hear birds singing that you associate with summer lately like mockingbirds and Red wing Blackbirds.


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