Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am...

in awe,
and amazed

that so many of you read me.

When I notice even the slightest surge in readership, I often ask Jamey, "Why do they come?  Why is it that they want to read what *I* have to say?"

I am bowled over every day and am so appreciative of each and every one of you.  Thank you for coming.


Jane Pin It


  1. Glad to amaze you! Always enjoy my visits to your blog--have tried some of your recipes and enjoy them.

  2. Awe....! We love you too, that's why we come. I need to be reminded of what's important - my Lord and Savior, my family He has blessed me with, and the best ways to provide for them as a Proverbs 31 woman. Your journey and wisdom helps me with that.

  3. I read because your topics are practical, relevant, real and honest.

    I like that your recipes call for items I more than likely already have in my pantry, and they always turn out great.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  4. Well, in answer to your question,why do they come. I cannot answer for everyone,but as for myself I love reading what you say,simply because you offer helpful advice, you have a good clean god fearing blog,and you speak from the heart.That will always keep me coming back to read more, I appreciate all your effort,and I thank you ... Blessings Jane

  5. Your welcome ,your ladyship,,and I mean that only in the most respectful way!you are humble,thankful,touching,astounding,awesome and beautiful in the most wonderful way. Hope you got part of your answer

  6. I read for several reasons. First - I know you personally and like to be able to keep up with you through your blog. Second, you write well - it's clear and entertaining and I can totally hear your voice when I read what you wrote. (Which is a good thing, in case you were wondering!) Third, you have some great recipes - I've even tried a few! Fourth, your writing is very sincere, which is always nice to read. And lastly, Although I don't come down where you do all of the time on the various issues you tackle in your blog, you often make me think about things that I think are important. So. That's my reasoning. :0)

  7. You are...
    encouraging in our Christian walk
    living the life we (or at least, I) aspire to
    one of my favorite bloggers!

  8. Aw, Jane, I'm a perfect stranger to you, but I check your blog almost every day because I feel like you're my friend! You garden (like I do), raise chickens (like I want to), cook and bake (like I do), fear and love God (like I do), and are doing your best to raise your kids and run your household simply, godly, generously (like I am). I don't remember what search I did to find your blog, probably a canning recipe, or something to do with tomatoes, but I am very thankful that I did. You encourage me, you inspire me, you entertain me. What could be better!?

  9. Thank YOU for writing with your heart!

  10. I enjoy reading because we have a lot in common. Thank you for sharing your faith journey with us....and a few recipes along the way!

  11. Personally, I love the gardening/ preserving / self sufficiency/ cooking / baking and your pleasure in a simple existence!
    Very different from my beach-side apartment dwelling existence in Sydney, Australia.

    p.s I made your peach cobbler recently.... YUM!!

  12. It's easy...I'll tell you why! You are honest, raw, real, loving, your faith is infectious, your lifestyle envious, and your recipes delicious!!! People are attracted to people like you!!! You are blessed by God to share a wonderful blogging ministry. I don't post often but I have been a faithful reader for almost 3 yrs. You have inspired me and others more than you probably know! Don't ever stop sharing your heart and love for's contagious!!!


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