Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Roll {Thrift At Home} Giveaway!

 This giveaway is closed.  To see who won, please go here.

Good Monday morning, friends!  I love hosting these giveaways where I get to introduce you to a fellow-reader.  It just makes this whole internet-thing a bit more personal, doesn't it?  Behind all these screens are real people- women and men with real lives, joys, struggles, stories and dreams.  Well, today, I am privileged to introduce you to Margo.  She writes at Thrift At Home blog and shares her creations at Thrift at Home on Etsy.

Friends, meet Margo.

"I started my blog as a stay-at-home mother two years ago to keep track of all my projects which seemed to get eaten up or used up and I would wonder what exactly I had done. The lovely, lovely bonus of my blog is gaining an online community that inspires and educates me. I started my etsy shop, also called Thrift at Home, a year ago, just to see if I could supplement my family's income because the recession had affected us directly.  I've had so much fun making things for my shop!  My things are made from my own designs, the same designs I use personally.  I rarely buy new fabric for my etsy shop things - it comes to me through friends, thrift stores, old curtains, and stained tablecloths.  I love to take an ugly fabric and see if I can match it up with something that makes it look good - it's finding beauty within limits, something I think is a spiritual lesson for my life."

Margo has been married 12 years.  She has two adorable children.  Ben is 3 and Genevieve is 6 and just started kindergarten.  She works two days a week as a cookbook editor.  Her blog, Thrift at Home, landed her that job!  

Her shop is full of lovely pieces and I'm so excited to send you over there in one second.  But first, I want to show you what Margo wants to give one of you lucky readers!

It's an Art Roll!  A sweet and convenient way to carry skinny markers, colored pencils or pens and I just know you all can think of a little person in your life who would love one (if you don't already want it for yourself)!

To Enter:

To enter to win the Art Roll shown above (coloring book and pencils not included), please take a stroll over to Thrift at Home and look around.  Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is in Margo's shop (it will be tough!).  Only one entry per household.  If you comment anonymously, please leave your name or some initials so I can identify you.  If you have trouble commenting, please email me your entry and I'll post it for you.  I will choose a winner on Friday afternoon.  If the winner does not respond within a week, another winner will be chosen.

Free Shipping! Only for the duration of this giveaway (today through this coming Friday), use THYHAND11 at checkout to get free shipping on any order from Thrift At Home.  Christmas shopping anyone?!

Thank you, Margo, and happy browsing to the rest of you!
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  1. Oh, the Sweet Violets Embroidered Envelope is my favorite. It is dainty and sweet. I love violets! :) --Nancy Altizer

  2. OK I'm ready,it was very hard choosing,so now you know what is is like for a shoe salesman [ when they had them ] poor guy must have to bring me 15 pair before I make up my mind and Jane,I'm having another good day. all I do is say my daily thoughts that are memorized and think of all my gal pals on there own blogs. my wish is to someday have my own blog but until than----bugles please DUM ,DUM DUM DA---I want the retro cherries &plaid hanging hand towel---I have the table cloth to math and you know I love red but it was hard because that polka dot scarf was the cutest thing,katelynn would look darling in,but I'm more on the functional value of things ,just like my mom

  3. I love the "Vintage Roller Towel Two: Hanging Hand Towel with First-Grade Strawberries". So cute!

  4. The feedsack potholders. My hotpads are shot.

  5. I love all those hanging dish and hand towels with the button flaps to hang on the front of the stove. I would love to have my towels easily accessible, but my cat likes to pull them off and sleep on them and she couldn't if I had a couple of those!

  6. I really liked the hanging dish towels and loved looking through the vintage patterns. The pattern for the little girls' blouses and pants is my favorite. So cute!


  7. The night kitchen hanging dish towel. Great fabrics!
    Laura K.

  8. the Night Kitchen Towel, I love the button closure! Lisa B

  9. I love the art rolls. They are so cute. My six year old would love to carry her markers in this sweet little roll up. We have something very similar to this for her crayons but only in an apron. It was made by my Grandma. I also am very fond of the flower pins especially the pink one... hmmm so soft and delicate looking.


  10. i love all the hanging hand towels!

  11. It is all so lovely ~ I would have a difficult time choosing. I love the potholders & the hot pads & of course all the lovely handtowels for your kitchen.
    This art roll is wonderful ~ what a great idea!
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  12. Definitely hard to choose, but I loved the calico flower. Thanks!

  13. I love the whale art wrap! Looks like a great stocking stuffer.

  14. I love the whale art roll too! Would be a great organizer for my 5 year old
    girl who loves to draw, color and create!

  15. The art roll would be perfect to take to the older kid's games for the little ones. We usually take a backpack of things to do during basketball games to keep them occupied.(we have 7 kids) It would make us a lot more organized than random crayons thrown in a bag! Amy

  16. I love it all, and also her philosophy of using what she has! I think the hanging handtowels are wonderful, and I'm thinking my obsessed-with-undoing-buttons 3-year-old would love them as much as I. :)

  17. I love the feedsack, calendar hanging towel. What a great idea! I'll never throw away an outdated cloth calendar again! Thanks for the fun giveaway! Mary Renee

  18. It certainly is hard to choose what would be my favorite. I suppose feedsack potholder 3 is my favorite. I'm also seriously considering that vintage elbow sleeve day dress pattern....

  19. Everything was very nice. I love the hanging towels but the embroidery pieces were my favorite. Best of luck to Margo with the new shop.

  20. Oh, an art wrap would be sooo nice. I'd get one made to hold some paper and colored pencils and a couple matchbox cars for my little boy during waiting times. What a great idea!

  21. I like her hanging towels and just love how she uses reclaimed fabics.

  22. I'd just like to say that my favorite thing in her shop is the hanging kitchen towel with the kitchen window scene on it. It just looks so cozy and I love the reds and oranges. That said, if I won, my son would be delighted with the art roll!



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