Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Projects, Then & Now

I used to dive into projects.  Whether it was re-organizing my recipes, making a quilt or a stocking or cleaning out flower beds, I would start with laser-like focus, work my butt off and get it done.  It was so rewarding to accomplish tasks that way.  I would put my mind to it and I would do it.

Then, I became a mom.

Actually, it wasn't until the second child that my projects really started to suffer.  Because even though my sleep and energy were somewhat compromised with one, there was always nap time and early evening time after he went to bed.  After the second one (and the third compounded it even more so), things certainly changed.  I've never had two napping at once and my first was (and still is) quite the talker, so even though I sometimes don't have to lay down what I'm doing, my mind (now for years) has been interrupted by chit chat and questions.  Years.

No wonder Jamey gets the evil eye if he accidentally interrupts me while I'm speaking.

These days, the interruptions include cleaning up the occasional puddle of pee, refereeing countless disputes, redirecting semi-dangerous behavior (like children launching their small bodies off the back of the couch), pulling up underwear, putting socks back on, getting tissues, getting drinks, putting on a band aid, opening something, tying someone's shoe, finding someone's missing shoe, putting on another band aid (the first one fell off), getting something down from a shelf, untying knots, helping to start a book on tape, and asking children to stop shrieking so I can hear my own interrupted thoughts.

I have three projects in three different stages of completion that I hope to give as Christmas gifts.  The anxiety that this produces in me is embarrassing.  I know I can't expect to get done what I used to and, believe me, the expectations I have for myself in general have changed significantly, but I want to complete those gifts!

I may be in denial, though.  Would having four books started at once be an indication?

Breaking projects into smaller tasks has helped a little bit.  Projects that I once tore through in one fell swoop, now get broken into 10 manageable pieces.  Even if the unpacking and clean-up of the project every time to keep it away from little fingers is driving me a tad batty.

Would I trade my kids for project time?  Yes.

But only for a couple hours.

(That was not a plea for you to watch my kids.  Unless I can swap and watch yours sometime.) Pin It


  1. Maybe you need to plan a weekend retreat. One where you and a couple of friends drive far far away and would vow to stay in your pajamas all weekend long. Everyone could bring there unfinished projects and lounge around childless for the weekend sipping cocoa, taking naps,and talking the night away.

    Or you could just come to my house for the weekend. I have teenagers... they don't talk much nor would they need you to tie their shoes.

  2. It's a woman thing. Thinking that no matter how many responsibilities (or children) we have, we still can get done everything we want to get done. Or "should" get done. Or are expected to get done. The latest figure I saw of what you would have to pay a person to do what a mother and homemaker does on a regular basis is $100,000 a year. Even at that (which of course will never happen), a person in that position works 10 times harder than an executive out in the business world works. End of rant.

  3. When the children get older (like mine - 3 teenagers) the interruptions don't stop, they just change form. While I'm not putting socks back on anymore, or any of those other things you mentioned, I am finding that there is still not a quiet moment in the day to think about one thing at a time and finish that task without being asked about 5 other things.

    The alternative is not something I look forward to...unending quiet in the house with no one to talk to and missing all of those activities and talks, and just being with my kids. I'll keep on being interrupted for as long as possible :)

  4. I still do all those pre-mentioned things Martha it was Martha steward right but only in the old days before all the lovable pain in the butts came along jk-children are my weakness----to a extreme ]-give away you say-bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You crack me up! I didn't do much in the way of projects until after I had kids. And now, somehow, I always find a crafty project list way longer than necessary. I've finally broken it down into manageable size pieces and have accomplished so much. It's a great feeling! Good luck finishing your Christmas gifts--I'm sure that they will turn out beautifully.

  6. AMEN SISTER!! I took time out on Sunday after church to go out and get the kid's Christmas presents.......I felt as if I needed to accomplish SOMETHING that wouldn't get undone. Then today I nearly finished cleaning out a cupboard but it isn't enough and will never be enough......I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you said you would trade your kids for a few hours to get a project finished. I feel the EXACT SAME WAY....keep writing, love your words.

  7. I love your sewing/craft box. Is it a real craft box or a tackle box?

  8. I feel like I have the lost the ability to focus!! But it's not true - I'm just a mother now :)

    I break my projects into such funny 5 minute chunks. . . sighhhh. I'm not even attempting to make anyone's Christmas gift.


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